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Good day to you, Friends!

To everyone who doesn’t know me yet, I would like to tell a little about myself. My name is Vladimir Gimburg, my spiritual name is Guru Das, which in Sanskrit means “servant of the greatest of spiritual teachers”. I am the founder and owner of massage studio GURU DAS SPA® in Latvia, Riga. Certified SPA specialist with an international ITEC diploma (England, London). Highest category SPA therapist.

I was trained by the world’s most reputable massage teachers, the best craftsmen in the world. I have many different diplomas and certificates, I am also the author and teacher of a unique methodology of individual training for a premium massage under the GURU DAS MASSAGE PREMIUM® program. You can see the current license here.

I was born in Latvia (in Riga) on July 23, 1975 in an ordinary Soviet family as the last -fifth- child to my very sweet parents – to Sofia and Vladimir Gimburgs.

I grew up surrounded with care and love of my parents, as well as in the friendship and trust of my brothers and sisters.

As both of my parents are veterans and in their time they were rewarded with appropriate orders, I have obviously inherited from them, along with other virtues, such amazing qualities as excellent working skills that appeared in my childhood when I was able to train 4 times for 2 hours long per day. And these abilities still accompany me in everyday life, allowing me to work at my studio with full efficiency to serve all the people who want to come to me.

From the age of 11, taking an example from my father, who in the past was a Belarusian champion in boxing, weightlifting and fighting, I applied to the Judo section and started my professional career in sports, where for the first time I learned about massage and got acquainted with it more closely.

I was very lucky, my first coaches were legendary personalities in the world of sports, but more precisely – in the world of Sambo and Judo, they were Eriks Liekne, Anatoly Orlov and Sergey Velikotniy.

As well as Vladimir Skvarkovsky, Alexander Osnach (currently President of the Latvian Aikido Federation), Andrey Rudnik, Oleg Baskin.

I am infinitely grateful to all of them together and to each one individually. Working diligently in dojo (judo hall) on tatami (judo carpets), training several hours a day, at the same time learning sambo, karate, boxing and taekwondo, I quickly picked up speed and my work started giving me results.

At first, I started to win in trainings, with what I attracted the attention of all coaches and soon I started to win mat tournaments. Thus, in a short period of time I became the club’s champion, then city’s champion, after a while I became dauzkārtējs champion of Latvia, Latvian Youth Sports Contest champion, Baltic champion, the first and last champion of the USSR among the Makkabi clubs, additionally, while being in the Latvian youth team, I became a champion in international judo tournaments, representing the interests of my country as much as possible.

I lived in the world of sports, I studied at a sports school, I planned to enter the Sports Institute and had grand sports-related plans for my future, but God had completely different plans. After another usual injury, I had to quit the career of a professional athlete and worked as a trainer, educating the young generation of judo athletes.

But that’s all in the past..

At the moment, as hard as I was once practicing in the gym, I selflessly work in my studio every day without holidays, accepting all those who would like to visit my GURU DAS SPA® massage studio in Latvia (Riga).

Regardless of my busy schedule, I find time for my professional development, regularly attending various conferences, exhibitions, competitions and workshops, where I receive knowledge in medicine, physiology, anatomy and massage techniques. This way I continue to improve in the industry of massage with the best teachers in the world!

The soulful part of me is also progressing. As an apprentice to the greatest Guru on our planet, my whole life as a practice of the soul serves my soul’s teacher who, in essence, enlightens my actions.

In the GURU DAS SPA® massage studio you will not see any images describing my relationship with my soul practice.

In this way, receiving my high-end VIP procedure, visitors in my studio get much more than from just a high-value massage.

Information about me and my work can also be told by people who have come to me and who continue to visit my studio and share with you their impressions, emotions, unusual feelings and real suggestions, which you can also read on my website in the REVIEWS section.

To continue our acquaintance, I am pleased to invite you to visit my studio in the very center of Riga, Latvia, the cozy GURU DAS SPA® massage studio, where I guarantee you high-class VIP services and the highest quality of the unusually beautiful VIP-massage. GURU DAS MASSAGE®.

See you, friends!

Truly yours:

Vladimir Gimburg (Guru Das)

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