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GURU DAS MASSAGE is a compilation of various types of well-known massage techniques whose elements interact with the beautiful Ambient music that I have connected in an unbelievable way, resulting in a surprisingly harmonious, two-hour high-quality nourishing VIP procedure that, thanks to a variety of masterful techniques, acts incredibly on the elements of the human body’s basic system: nervous, lymphatic, digestive, circulatory, muscular, bone, immune system – massage gives the body lightness, freedom, and recovery, but to the soul – happiness, peace of mind and balance.

The reviews, in turn, form the initial opinion about the Master and the quality of the services he offers. You can only make sure that the reviews correspond to reality by signing up for a massage session at GURU DAS SPA!

Yuri Kushpelo

Atmosphere, strong hands, correct attitude and professionalism.

These are just a few things I want to share with those who are on their way to their Master.

Be well, strong hands to you! I wish you such customers who are willing and able to interact with you in their own body and wellness benefit.

But for those who are on the way to you, I wish you a short journey!

Nata Optimistova

I am very pleased to meet Guru Das Spa.

As a mother of many children, I was awarded with a 2 hour long massage which was full of magic.

Without the exclusive procedures, I got the feeling that my body is new, plastic and flexible – and it was my body!

The aftertaste lasted long after that.

Wonderful, not comparable to any other massage.

Thank you, master!

Angelika Miglane

I, tempted by different types of massage, can say that in my 50 years I have not seen and have not felt anything like this.

This is an amazing technique!

The incredible energy of Vladimir

Two hours passed like a minute, and the pleasure, lightness and renewal that I felt is not comparable with anything!

I assure you that there is no such thing in Riga, nor in Europe, nor in Bali, etc.

Give yourself a present!

Visit this wonderful master! Guru!

It will be just awesome.

Irina Baikova

 I want to express my gratitude to Master of the massage!

Your high professionalism, love of work and tactical attitude towards the customer delights! After the massage, lightness takes over and there is a desire to fly!

I will definitely come back to you!

I recommend to everyone!

When you try once, you will definitely come back again!

Andrey Harlanov

Many thanks to Vladimir, he repaired me and I can move freely again.

I recommend to all, you will not regret it!

You will not understand it, until you have tried.

Vladimir, thank you again! See you!

Madina Jopua

The best massage in the world!

Natalia Smirnova

I want to give a high evaluation to the Master of his work and to a greay specialist!

I did not attend the massage procedure for the first time.

Every time I am excited about the attention, care and mastery which is in your massage studio!

I am ready to give the best suggestions to anyone who wants to get a professional massage.

Thank you very much for everything, Master!

Natalia Juhimenko

Just great!

I’m still delighted with the impression left by such a skilled masseur hands…

This is the same as swimming in a warm sea.

Thank you so much for giving people peace of mind, relaxation and well-being!

Your hands are as skilful as a pianist’s hand playing an instrument called the human body.

In short, I’m not a poet, but you really do perform a great massage!

I’m telling form all my heart – thank you very much once again!

I have a feeling that I began to slim after one massage session.

I will definitely come again …not only once.

Health and strength for you, Vladimir!

Jana Viktorovna

It’s hard to name it simply as a massage – it can be compared to flying in space!

I’m excited about such a high class massage!

Thank you very much!

Tatiana Shipulina

I did not write a review right away.

I wanted to enjoy the result.

Just great and incredible! It’s worth it!

I recommend it to everyone! I will repeat it at the first opportunity.

Natalia Karagodina

I am grateful for the magnificent cosmic massage to the Master of his work.

Vladimir is not only a Master, but also a soulful conversationalist with a wonderful sense of humor.

After the massage, I had a feeling that I am young, energetic and flexible.

I am grateful that he shared his energy.

I will definitely come back!

Tatjana Sabalina

Good afternoon!

If you want to pamper yourself with an unforgettable massage, go to Vladimir at GURU DAS SPA!

Personally, I did not read any comments, I came purely intuitively and did not manage without writing a review.

From the first touches of the Master’s magic hands, you get into a weightless world wihere body and mind is united.

All the senses like the liana cover you and you literally split like sandy grains.

Literally, with the flow of wind, you blend with music and teleport to another world, where 2 hours fly like a moment, and you realize that this is the place where you want to come back again and again!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH and see you soon!

Irina Levchenko

The massage is so professional that I recommend to visit it!

I’m excited!

Strong hands and at the same time – gentle, it must be felt by everyone.

I recommend. You won’t regret it!

Tanya Gasparovich


Master with a capital letter !!!

It was unbelievable comforting to be in your massage!


Ineta Mirtoshina

The atmosphere full of magic, a professional approach and a true master of his own work creates this unforgettable place!

I really enjoyed, a real relaxation for the body and spirit.

Thank you!

Anastasia Robatena

In my husband’s birthday I gave him a massage as present. He loved it so much!

Vladimir is a very nice person!

We’ll definitely come back and recommend this massage to everyone!

Kristina Gimburga

Thank you, dad, that you put your soul in your work!

You have an invaluable talent and I am proud of you and admire you! You are an invincible Master. Your hands are led by Lord Himself!

When one enters your lavender fragrant studio, a person enters a different world from which he doesn’t want to come back because the whole world is interwoven with love and devotion to your work and to God. I wish you success and many happy and satisfied customers!

I love you very much.

Come to massage GURU DAS SPA, and you will recover both physically and mentally.

Helena Schmid

For many years visiting different types of massage studios, I was really impressed by the technique for the first time.

Incredibly amazing.

Dancing with hands.

Thank you very much and till the next time!

Olya Durseneva

When during the massage a thought comes to you: “May this massage will last forever …”

It is difficult to describe it because it needs to be experienced.

Massage is unique – it is professional performance on all body and soul strings of Master’s hands.

Each body cell is grateful for the special touch, after which the body is restored!

The face starts to shine from happiness after the wonderful massage and it is difficult to recognize yourself in the mirror.

Everything is thought through to the last detail – the soft light, gently satin sheets that covers your body, divine music, oil with a charming aroma.

You get into a world of relaxation and feeling of comfort, where you do not worry about the chaotic noise of the world – you just feel the bliss of your soul’s charming

melody, which was imprisoned in your tight body and which Master releases with his unique massage.

You just have to enjoy this melody!

Thank you, Vladimir, for your hands which are full of magic!

Olga Li

Hello to all SPA adventure seekers!

I thank to Master Vladimir for a unique relaxation in the studio GURU DAS SPA!


Master’s hand movements are polished, hands slide and literally cover the entire body, at the same time, the Master is so invisible that it seems that your body is massaged with invisible forces.

I received an incredible bliss and a few per mille of euphoria therefore my legs moved by their own for a while, but my mind refused to work for some time after two hours of massage!

I advise everyone to enjoy it and return to the place where the harmony of body and soul is!

Tatiana Gschwend

Many thanks for the incredible massage!


From the beginning, I felt the fatigue and tension gradually squeezed out of each of my bodily cells, but then I fell asleep!

Such a relaxation, such a restart!

Thank you very much and I am looking forward to a new session!

Lena Wenzinger

Well, dear fellows and friends!

At last I tried out two hour long relaxation!

I won’t write long, but I will say only one thing – the absolute “empfehlswer”!

How will it be in Russian? Please help me!

That is, I can only recommend! Thank you, Vladimir!

Anna Starodubska

I can not describe my excitement about your massage.

Vladimir, you are a masseur – virtuoso!

Thank you so much for this generous gift!

I am a worshiper of your massage and can not compare anyone to you!

It’s more than a massage!

Really unique!

How do you get a couple more hands during the massage – I do not understand, but in a few moments I had the feeling that you have four hands

Cosmos, magic!

Such masters as Vladimir just do not exist!

There are good masseurs, but this is not a simple massage, it is a massage from the heart.


It must be experienced to be able to feel it!

Two hours in cosmos!

I recommend to everyone!

Five stars with additional million points!

Thank you!

Valentina Dyakon

GURU DAS SPA is the place where not only the body, but also the soul returns to life.

Comfortable cabinet, strong and skillful masseur hands, charming music, professional and, indeed, the best massage in Riga!

Vladimir, thank you very much!

Yekaterina Machevskaya

A good massage is part of the care of our physical body, which needs our attention.

I chose this master by photos during the master’s work – there was immediately visible good energy flow.

It really is so.

Additional pro is pleasant music and atmosphere, it is very harmonious.

I was very pleased!

The master uses a special massage technique, for a while I did not even understand whether they are real human hands!

In short, I encourage everyone to pay attention to Guru Das Brahmachari’s massage!

Irina Belova

An unforgettable two-hour journey to the world in which you immerse yourself with all your essence and body!

Happiness covers every cell of your body and soul.

DIVINE feeling

You feel like a goddess in the hands of a fantastic person, who, with all its essence, gives himself to this outside world process!

Additional relaxing atmosphere from the first minute introduces you into the perfect comfort and convenience area!

Dear Vladimir!

I am grateful to the highest forces for meeting you!!!

Also for the possibility to touch the mysteriousness of such a bright soul!!!

Thank you for such perfomed mission!!!

I’m looking forward to meeting you again!

Xenia Müller

I decided to write a review!

Well, even three words did not come to me.

I realized that when I will get to the Master I will feel euphoric but I could not imagine in what degree it will happen!!!

Thank you, Vladimir, thank you very much for the sense of weightlessness, as well as the feeling that I was enclosed from the whole during the massage!

I got into an unreal world where there was no place for thoughts – only your golden hands!!!

An inexpressible lightness, I do not have to force myself to fall asleep every day…

Rhythm of life .. mood and indescribable adrenaline!

It is all – your work!!!

Unbelievable delight and I am waiting for new meetings!

Thank you so much for your comprehensive love for your profession and for those who respect and appreciate your work!

Sincerely, Xenia

Svetlana Kashtanova

Dear friends!

I recommend everyone because I tried it myself ..

I did not even believe two hours has passed!

Certainly – I will definitely continue!

But describing feelings is useless – you should try yourself !!!

Many thanks to the Master!

I will say it – it was the best massage in my life!!

Svetlana Gri

Vladimir is one of the few Masseurs who can give his massage a sense of well-being not only for the body, but also an unforgettable feeling of comfort and well-being for the soul!

While in the massage cabinet, you feel just great, and when you leave the place, you have a feeling that you will come back again and again.

As well as Vladimir is a very interesting conversational companion – therefore, visiting him does not only mean a visit to an experienced masseur, but also a visit to a
person with whom it is interesting to communicate and learn something new.

All in all, it is food for the soul and body!

I strongly recommend to visit this wonderful place with an unforgettable massage!

Thank you, Vladimir, for the comfort and coziness – as well as a great massage and an interesting conversation!

Marianna Suter


This is not just a SPA massage

The fact that it is unique Hiromasage created by author himself, you understand only when you are at the massage table in the careful, hot, clever and skilful hands of

His hands open not only geographic boundaries but also the hearts of many people.

Two hour long massaging session for the whole body and face.

I could not imagine what the master could do in these long hours (flight from Riga to Zurich is 2 hour long).

It turns out that it is a 2 hour comprehensive care procedure that ends faster than you imagined.

Master Vladimir, with his guru knowledge, covers all parts of your body.

The culmination of the session is the facial massage: the result is that the face radiates happiness hormones..

At the very end along with the feeling of lightness and flying, you also feel the banal childish disappointment that all this has come to an end.

It also has the secret of the master’s individual approach: he knows how to remove the burden of your concern with which you have come to the massage cabinet.

Vladimir’s mastery is the ability to amplify and sharpen his client’s five perceptions and also open up opportunities to other dimensions.

As the wise say – everything begins with a touch.

Vladimir is a man with a unique inside energy, full of positivism, creativity and love, a specialist with a strong knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and psychology, as evidenced by his many diplomas.

But the main thing – he is a Master who is conscious of his call to help people.

The gratitude that you have been in his hands is immeasurable.

Thank you, Master!

Ksenia Mikutskaya

It was an unforgettable experience of body massage.

Two hours of freeing and sense of well-being.

From the abdominal massage I had pins and needles sensation on my skin, but facial massage – it was something indescribable!

In the room was very calm and relaxing music… All problems and thoughts disappear behind the door of the massage cabinet and you want to melt..

And, most importantly, to hold on and do not fall asleep.. because you do not want to miss a minute of this sense of well-being!

Many thanks to Master!

Valeriya Gasheva


Vladimir, thank you for the feeling full of magic!

For your great hands, for your delicate and heartfelt attitude!

It’s not just a massage, but rather care for the body and for the soul!

You work so heartfelt as if you were a magic tuner with an absolute pitch.

Just as the body needs!

I felt as if the Egyptian Queen felt, when she was surrounded by all care from all sides!

Thank you and I want to come back to you again!

Ingrida Belova

Two hours of wellness!

By steping over the doorstep of cabinet, I am transported from office building to an atmosphere of peace and well-being: cabinet has toned down light, pleasant music

and a very comfortable massage table.

Massage technique enchants, the Master works not only with his palms and fingers but also with his whole arm.

It really is a full-body massage from head to toe, including stomach and hips.

There are special sensations during the facial massage, because we used to that the facial massage is performed by cosmetologists.

I recommend to everyone!

Yelena Taborska

I believe that Guru Das Brahmachari no longer needs advertising…

But I can not manage without giving a few warm words about his creativity.

The words “admirable”, “stunning” and “unforgettable”, etc. – Yes, of course!

But these words do not express the true nature..

There is something much deeper!

I would even say – transcendental!

If you completely free yourself then it is a meditative process.

On the massage table I felt like a soft clay, from which the talented sculptor was making a perfection.

Magic – and nothing more!

For me it was a true gift of the highest powers!

I will continue to thank you, Master!


Who has been to the massage session Guru Das Brahmachari performed by master Vladimir will always remain his admirer!

I am one of many and with great joy bend my back (and also other parts of the body) and give myself up to Master.

For Vladimir himself, advertising is not necessary, he has a very large clientele.


I can not remain silent, because I am filled with gratitude and excitement and with a great desire to share my impressions with everyone who has not been in his hands!


Do not miss the unique opportunity, such masseurs are rare!

Throw your life afflicted bodies on the massage table and melt by care, love and understanding of your body!

It’s not just a professional massage and unique techniques.

It’s music!

It’s creativity!

Every movement is well thought through!

Every movement is spiritual!

Thanks to his hands, life awakens in the body!

Body recovers and cleanses!

You both live and breath better!

And you will believe that miracles can happen with your body!

With respect and gratitude to you, Vladimir!

Veronika Razuvayeva

Music full of magic, a magical atmosphere and hands full of deity carries me to a vicious world.

My fantasy made various beautiful images and the body sent unspeakable emotions: laughter, smile, tears, chills..

I admit that I had never felt so good after a massage.

GURU DAS SPA massage – it is an aesthetic orgasm of body and soul!

I confess that one of my goals is to train my body to the maximum sensitivity, to such sensitivity as to feel myself as a particle of the universe, to feel myself as part of a

single universe, to radiate light and to feel different types of orgasm.

GURU DAS SPA charged my body and soul with an incredible load of heat and light.

I feel that I am much closer to my goal!

Vladimir, you fascinate me!

Looking forward to the next meeting with impatience and shiver!

Irina Nikolayeva

Magician and incredible Master Vladimir!!

And no less magical atmosphere and energy!!!

Many thanks for the massage and the journey full of magic!

Until now I’m charged with your energy and I’m just glowing!

Yelena Semyonova

Vladimir, with all my heart and body I’m GRATEFUL for your hands!!!

You are a god given masseur!!!

I hope that once again I will get into your hands!!!

And I strongly recommend you to all my friends!!!

Tatyana Sikrataya

I haven’t had such a wonderful gift on my birthday before.

Thank you for your mastery, your magical hands!!!

You are true!

Not a second of pretence!

Something like that I haven’t experienced before!

Two days of euphoria, joy and comfort!

Excellent feeling, great mood and health!

Thank you!!!

I wish you health, patience and all the best for you and your family!

When I’ll be in Riga, I’ll definitely visit you!!!

Thank you very much!!!

Helena Adamenko

I need to share and need to thank to the talented masseur, the man with inexpressible energy and hospitality, the owner of GURU DAS SPA, Vladimir, for a fantastic two-hour massage!

Very talented, very delicate – as if you were playing a musical instrument …

Thank you very much Vladimir, for the unique feelings and for the feeling that comes after your “spells”.

In general, these are just words, but in the sense of feeling…


I hope to visit you more often!

Yelena Yakovleva

Super, super, super!

Vladimir, I will repeat – you are a magician (I remember what you answered)!

To say – this is a huge wave of emotions, the liberation of well-being and internal energy – means not to say anything, it needs to be experienced!

For the second day, I find myself in euphoria, thrill, drive and other senses of well-being that you can imagine!!!

Thank you for this kaleidoscope of feelings!

Today I was asked where I have been!

So either way, I’ve stopped sitting with round back – I’m automatically keeping my back straight and it has become comfortable!

This morning I was standing in front of the mirror and with a pleasant surprise I noticed that I became less..damn..Only after the first visit?!?! (Girls! Take this into account, fantastic traps!)

Aaa..I’ll come back to you !!

I really liked your approach to the client and the chair, where it is easier to relax and feel protected, a remarkable aroma of geraniums or pelargoniums (of course, I’m

wrong, but the smell was so similar) and relaxing music, everything for comfort and complete relaxation!

I want to recommend you to everyone!

Lift up your bottoms and give yourself great pleasure!

Vladimir, I wish you sea of customers! Thank you!

Marija Zhdana

I am speechless! Only emotions!

I can not imagine better way to relieve stress and relax!

A pleasant atmosphere, Master with absolutely stunning energy and, of course, with wonderful hands!

A two-hour massage – it is neither a hour massage or a half-hour massage.

It is really the time when you can completely free yourself and just enjoy the moment.

I strongly recommend to everyone!

Marina Ruhmane

Many thanks to master Vladimir for a unique massage!!!

It was an unforgettable feeling!

You have charming, strong, hot (!!) and at the same time gentle hands.

From the first minutes of massage I felt your mastery and love for your work.

It was not just an ordinary massage, but some kind of magic!

From lightweight, relaxing touches to strong, hot tapping.

I’d advise everybody to come and enjoy this magic that’s focused on you, and I’m sure you’ll want to come again and again!

Tamara Utinane

Today, the higher forces brought me to a meeting with an interesting person – a very talented and in love with his work masseur Vladimir …

I want to share my feelings and emotions.

I was laying down and it seemed to me that the master, as a sculptor, was forming my much younger and healthier body – his fingers permeated love in every movement – the love of what he was doing, love for a human being and love for God!

He made a massage as a masterpiece!

Something like that has never happened to me!

After that, it seemed to me that his hands were dancing with my body, my body became very plastic and turned to dance with him…

And more – as if my body became a musical instrument and the master was leading it..

Vladimir, I am very grateful to you for your talent and mastery!

Also, that you are so sensitive, gentle and very respectful towards the body.

And at the same time, very professional and smart!

Yana Dolgova

Very generous energy, outstanding ability to feel the needs of the body, strong hands..

My back is very grateful to the Master…

I did not expect a SPA massage to be performed like that.

This massage powerful and strongly restores muscles and energy, as if several kilograms are lost, all of my body cells sing and radiate of happiness.

Thank you very much!

Svetlana Pelce

Good afternoon!

I write reviews rarely but this time I feel the need to write.

Everything in our life happens for a reason and those who gets to Vladimir are the happiest people!

It can be appreciated as you being in the right positive stream and in the right direction!

I received an inexpressible pleasure to the soul and body!

At the first meeting with Vladimir there is a feeling that you know him all your life!

Unusual atmosphere, as if you eneter another world, enjoyable relaxing music, pleasant aromas and Master’s hands which are full of magic takes you to indescribable pleasure flight.

And not only does the body obtain satisfaction, but also your soul…

The soulful and wise Guru Das provides you with answers to complex questions regarding faith and essence.

We all need it so much!

Meeting people like you is a heavenly gift.

And, of course, see you soon!

Liya Heidemanis

These two hours – it’s not a worldly pleasure!!!

Vladimir is gifted with unusual, cosmic talent.

It is something unique!

The words can not describe emotions, sensations and feelings!

Only by personally visiting the massage studio, you will be able to enjoy this incredible pleasure!

Thank you, Vladimir!!!

Inna Artnika

By the number of received massages per one unit of time, I’m probably the record-holder.

Once I arrived to Riga while I had a 3 month long vacation, and thanks to heaven, God did not forget to give me a rich and royal gift, I was hospitably invited by Vladimir to try his massage.

I immediately wanted it without any doubt – either it was my intuition or the very gentle Master’s advertising approach that I wanted to believe and trust in this man with his proposal for LS.

One way or another, I went to my first massage on August 3 and I realized what I was looking for a long time!!!

I have already written a lot of reviews and I have read other comments and I realized that adding something new to existing references is very complicated. But still, I want to try.

Vladimir – he is a special, unique personality.




He is not only the master of incredible massage, which helps to relax and improve your well-being, he also treats the body and soul.

He raises your soul’s senses and feelings at undisguised heights.

Ironic, light, warm, friendly, positive till finger tips, which are full of love and God.

That’s the way he is!

He has an indescribable charisma and masculine energy that is so correct and necessary for a woman.

Yes, yes, a woman who feels like a goddess after spending 120 full minutes in space.

It’s incredibly charming!

This must be experienced and accepted as a gift from God.

Vladimir is the messenger of God, I understand and feel it that way.

My conception of liberation, well-being and bliss has completely changed.


But from what kind of massage!

From the first to the last minute in the atmosphere of aromatic oils, in soft meditative music and in dance of his hands, you discover your own world of sensations and feelings.

You are crying and laughing, smiling and purring, your world is alive and seeks to be a woman – Goddess in a flight full of bliss!

And so I have already received 14 massages in 2 months, it’s not enough for me and I want more because there is never too much bliss, especially in our cruel world!

GURU DAS BRAHMACHARI, Vladimir, the monk – vaishnava, which makes him an outstanding masseur who is capable of being unconnected with the worldly and material, while at the same time being completely grounded and drawned with magnetic energy that can not be resisted.

Thank you, my dear! You are the best masseur, Magician!

I am extremely pleased that we met, as well as the fact that I found the best – my Master.

God has abundantly gifted you with the ability to recreate our bodies. After all the peripetias of this life with various stresses, many problems that make us bent, with a hump and shrugged shoulders, when walking into your massage cabinet, everything is forgotten.

Nothing around exists any more, except your magic hands, Master!

After a two-hour massage, you just get up and fly away like a completely different person who has touched the secrets of magic.

I thank you, Vladimir!

You are God’s messenger to all of us who are tired and unwell. God gives you strength in your ministry. I’m glad that I had almost all August. I just have so little time..

And so I apologise to everyone who couldn’t visit you because of me!

Yelena Belosor

Recently I visited this great massage studio.

To say – I liked it – means to say nothing.

I felt an indescribable feeling from the first minutes of the visit.

The room was very comfortable, with toned town lightning, pleasant relaxing music, unique fragrances and aromas of different oils.

Existing surroundings inspires faboulous, thrilling feelings that something unusual and mysterious will happen.

But the massage itself – it can not be described with words.

I just flew to some kind of magical world and did not want to come back from there!

Time flew by unnoticed but I and all others have the opportunity to again return to this unforgettable tale !!!

Tatiana Dundure

Thank you, Vladimir, for a great massage!

Unforgettable feelings of ease and relaxation!

I started feeling my body once again.

You are a master of God!

You have strong and soft hands and indescribable energy at the same time.

And indescribably pleasant atmosphere as if you get into another reality!

I’m delighted!

Valera Minkin

I went to my first Massage and was extremely pleased!

Vladimir made a very good impression on me both as a person and as a specialist!

Very soft, attentive, intelligent ..

Massage was professional, high-quality ..

Two hours of relaxation!

If there is back pain or something else, then the very next day everything will go away ..

Loved the quality!

Recommend to everyone!

Thank you Vladimir!

Olga Radomyslenskaya

SUPER Full body and face massage by Guru Das Brahmachari!

Need to say,

that it is something!

Two hours of complete relaxation, no pain, but you feel how everything in your body falls into place ..

Amazing atmosphere of peace and complete trust ..

All actions and movements of the MASTER are very correct and professional ..

And at some point I realized that the music playing for relaxation and MASTER’s sensitive hands is a DANCE: faster, slower, stronger, softer, pause … turn, and … you are completely in the grip of this action ..

Vladimir then said that it is this way – he writes music specially for the Massage technique!

And what aromatherapy!

And what ease after that!

Sometimes you need to treat yourself and choose the best for this!


By the way, this is a great gift idea!

And this procedure is completely unlike therapeutic massage!



Tatyana Egorova

Do you believe in magicians?

Until today, I did not believe, but when I met Vladimir, I realized that this person is a real magician!

The level of my fatigue and stress from the many accumulated problems upon coming to Massage simply went through the roof, my whole body was begging for mercy, and it seemed that it was already impossible to remove this tension, well, certainly not with just one Massage session, but this person does wonders!

I’m before and I’m after –

these are two different people!

And here even the matter is not only in Vladimir’s high professionalism and his attitude to what he is doing, but also in what a bright and positive person he is!

His incredible energy is felt from the first minutes of communication!

I sincerely believe that everyone should at least once experience his Massage on himself, so I highly recommend it to absolutely everyone!

Two hours of real enjoyment are just guaranteed!

Dear Vladimir! I sincerely thank you for the upscale Massage, and of course, see you soon!

Viana Grishane

I RECOMMEND to visit


Great Massage, after which you want to fly!

Pleasant atmosphere, very professional Massage and amazingly positive energy!

Believe me, this is the best massage in Riga!

Agnes Rudzite

I believe that it is the best massage in Riga. I highly recommend.

Olga Gritskevicha

Incredibly – this is when you fly in another reality …

Thank you for this feeling!

You are a real Master!

Svetlana Bessudnova

The atmosphere is simply fantastic!

Angela Skjønberg

I loved the massage. I recommend it!

Yevgenia Borisovna

Massage is simply divine!

Julia Sherrer!

It was just great!

Vladimir is an expert of his work!!!

100% thrill.

Helena Rass

Unique massage!

Nowadays very few people perform such a high-quality massage.

Thank you for charging me and for the feeling that I am a goddess!

Natalya Scheurer

It was incredibly charming.

Two hours of self-abandonment.

It is impossible to describe it with words – it must be enjoyed!

Eviya Preinberga

Unbelievable two hours of absolute nirvana !

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