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GURU DAS MASSAGE® is a compilation of various types of well-known massage techniques whose elements interact with the beautiful Ambient music that I have connected in an unbelievable way, resulting in a surprisingly harmonious, two-hour high-quality nourishing VIP procedure that, thanks to a variety of masterful techniques, acts incredibly on the elements of the human body’s basic system: nervous, lymphatic, digestive, circulatory, muscular, bone, immune system – massage gives the body lightness, freedom, and recovery, but to the soul – happiness, peace of mind and balance.

The reviews, in turn, form the initial opinion about the Master and the quality of the services he offers. You can only make sure that the reviews correspond to reality by signing up for a massage session at GURU DAS SPA®!

Philippe Do
Philippe Do (tenor)


Extremely professional, very caring and a great massage! I was in for a two hour full body massage. Highly recommended!

Yuri Kushpelo

Atmosphere, strong hands and professionalism – this is just a small part of what I would like to share with those who are still on the way to their Master.

Be healthy! Strong hands! Good people who are willing and able to interact with you for their own body and good!

And to those who are on the way to you –
have a safe journey! Come!

Thank You!!!

Nata Optimistova

I am very glad to meet you

As a mother of many children I was rewarded with a magical two-hour massage.

In addition to the exclusive procedure, I got the feeling of a young, flexible, plastic body… and it was my body. The aftertaste stayed with me for a long, long time. Magical, not like all my other massages.

Thank you, Master

Stas Shurins


Once you experience it, you will never go back to anything else! I can’t find words to describe this experience… I live in Germany. I was constantly feeling stressed and tired. I came to visit my parents in Riga and received a gift card from my mom for this massage… in short: IT WAS THAT OUT OF THIS WORLD! I could almost feel every cell in my body coming back to life!

Wonderful facility, very professional and attentive technician! It’s like a “before and after” time travel where you become someone new in just 2 hours…just brilliant! You have to try this! I had never heard of this kind of massage technique before.

Highly recommended!

Angelika Miglane

As someone who is experienced in many different types of massage, I can say that I have never seen or felt anything like this in my 50 years! This is an amazing technique! Vladimir’s incredible energy! Two hours flew by like a minute, and the pleasure, lightness and renewal I felt is incomparable to anything!

I assure you that there is nothing like this in Riga, Europe, Bali, etc. Make yourself a gift! Visit this wonderful master! Guru! It will be simply amazing!

Bart De Sloovere
Bart De Sloovere (massage practitioner)


The best massage ever, done in the most professional way, and in an environment that you can only dream of! I can only confirm all the other reviews about this massage!

Lilit Petrovic


It was an incredible experience. I can guarantee it is the best massage in the universe!!!!! If you haven’t been on vacation in a long time, feel pain (physical and mental), want to fill yourself with love and passion, peace and strength, get the resources of the Universe, this is the place for you!!!! Vladimir is incredible.
I guarantee it. It was worth the flight from Switzerland! Definitely not the last time. Thank you for this amazing experience!!!

Yousef Alterkait


When I read the reviews, I said it all looked too good to be true. But it’s all really true!!! I have had over 500 massages in my lifetime and by far this massage ranks at the top of the list! Vladimir is not just a massage therapist, Vladimir is a healer! Thank you so much!

Lolita Strake

You are the best! I have 30 years experience as a client and it was in your hands that I just flew away… forgetting where I was and what I was doing here! Passersby on the street would look back at the glow in my eyes! It is not only a massage of muscles and body. It is a massage and enrichment of the inner world! Thank you for what you are and for your talent!

Andrey Harlanov

Many thanks to Vladimir, he fixed me and I can move again!

I recommend to everyone, you won’t regret it! Until you try it, you won’t understand!

Vladimir, thank you very much again!
See you again!

Irina Baikova

Vladimir, your massage has really become even cooler! Probably, being in the clinic, you and your hands missed us, always grateful clients.

Your attendance of seminars and master classes makes your massage even more professional and unique! The desire to be in your hands is irresistible!!!

The best massage in the world!

I am going to come to you for another session!
Thank you for being you!

Ritvars Gruskevics

Special thanks to Vladimir for a great back massage! It was a great journey of adventure, experience and learning about your body at the same time. Pleasant, tasteful and “excluding the outside world” atmosphere. Well-designed interior in dark colors, relaxing high quality music, dimmed lights and a warm welcome. The back massage is excellent and was performed with another technique! If you want “classic”, this is not the place for you! The massage technique here is individualized and it breaks stereotypes. This massage technique must be felt! The technique of massage in GURU DAS SPA is incomparable to what was done to my back before! There are elements that are familiar to me, but all in all and specifically the execution itself is worthy of praise! Figuratively speaking, it is the power, coordination and dance of the master’s hands to the rhythm of the music throughout the massage zone: head, neck, trapezius, back, buttocks and arms! Massage, which “turns off” the client’s consciousness and the desire to control something …

After the massage the tension accumulated in the belt area is relieved, and my mood is simply BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, Vladimir!

Regina Borisovna

This is the most magical massage!

I was in the hands of the Great Master of my craft! Everything has been thought out to the smallest detail. The furniture, the color of the salon, the music. I felt like a queen in the hands of the Master! It was a dance of soul and body! You should pamper yourself more often with modern delicacies of sensations!

My advice!

Denis Voropaev

Incredible professionalism of the master! Complete immersion in the process! Truly the best massage in Riga, in Latvia, and maybe even in the World! I recommend you to try it once and see for yourself the truth of all GURU DAS SPA reviews!

Oto Kornis

The coolest and most pleasant attitude of the master made this experience of my first ever full body massage an unforgettable experience. The musical accompaniment was the perfect complement and took me on a journey of bliss. Grateful and happy I enjoy the relaxation and peacefulness even at the end of the second day after a FullPower massage. The coolest holiday gift from Beloved. I also recommend all women to give this massage to their husbands! Thank you so much, Guru Das, and see you soon!

Ina Zeleznakova


I will write briefly and according to the facts. Vladimir is a professional and a Master from God! This is not flattery or compliments. The Master has a gift and talent to treat people, and not only the body, but also the soul. Golden hands! All the blessings to you, Vladimir! I am grateful to you that in a short time you provided me with emergency help. I will fly to Riga and run to you. A doctor from God. The best. The best. I’ve never seen anything better!

Mohamed Bahida

The Netherlands

I have had many, many massages all over the world, but this place had the absolute best massage I have ever had. A true master who has worked practically his whole life to perfect his art. I’m thinking of coming to Riga again just for this massage!

Be careful…
This massage master will ruin all your other massages. I have paid much more for other massages that are not even half as good. I am considering returning to Riga just for this incredibly skillful, dedicated and humble master of his craft. A unique experience!

Madina Jopua

The best massage ever!

I want to say thank you to Vladimir for such a unique, amazing massage! For his magic hands and love for his work. It was two hours of space!

I am very happy and proud that I met such an interesting and amazing person. I advise everyone to visit Master Vladimir at least once in their life. It is two hours of magic and unforgettable sensations.

Khelmut Bazhis

The massage is fantastic!

I’ve been many places: in our ESPA, in private massages, and in a spa in Austria, but this is a completely different massage, an order of magnitude higher level!

I highly recommend it!

Everything was very professional and some moments, such as the belly and head massage, were a high quality and very pleasant surprise!

I’m sure I’ll be back again, and more than once!

Veronika Mihela
Veronika Mihela

The best massage in Riga!

This is undoubtedly the best massage in Riga! Complete relaxation during the massage, and afterwards a feeling of lightness and great mood for the whole day. I felt rested and full of energy. A big plus is the very convenient location in the center of the city. The studio itself is very exquisite, inviting to mental and physical relaxation.

I highly recommend it to everyone!

Laurent Boquillet


Best massage ever!

Yesterday I had the best massage of my life! And I’ve had a lot of them. I was a professional triathlete, I have been involved in sports all my life, and now I am 57 years old. Vladimir has magic hands. The place is beautiful and cozy. Don’t hesitate for one second! Go!

Yuliya Kim



I found information about Vladimir back in August last year and wanted to have a massage with him.

I tried to make an appointment two weeks in advance, but there were no vacancies. So, when I decided to come to Riga with my friends in April, I made an appointment for a massage six months in advance))) And I didn’t regret my foresight – it was without exaggeration the best massage of my life!

Two hours flew by unnoticed. I read somewhere that Vladimir’s massage is like a dance of hands. I couldn’t say it better!

I highly recommend it! And if I come to Riga again, I will definitely go again!

Roy H.


When visiting Riga and finally spending a weekend, why not get the best massage in town? After some research, the choice fell on GURU DAS SPA. I don’t regret anything because it was probably the best massage I’ve ever had! I focused on my back and neck and the focus was really on that. Often only the lower back is massaged, but here both the neck and upper back were involved! A very good and deep massage! Guru Das knows how to do the treatments and was like an artist. Thank you so much!!! Also, the massage studio was very classy and we had a nice chat afterwards. Recommend!!!

Natalia Smirnova


I would like to commend a true Master of his craft and a wonderful specialist!

It is not the first time I have visited the massage procedure.

Each time I admire the attention, care and skill that surrounds you in the massage room!

I am ready to give the best recommendations to any person who wants to get a professional massage.

Thank you very much for everything, Master!

Svjatoslav Uljanov

This was the first massage of my life and it was very cool! Initially I thought that 2 hours would pass slowly and at some point it would get boring, but no. With a nice muted atmosphere with background music and a variety of massages, the time flew by quickly! The massages are so cool that I caught goosebumps very often! Plus when I had my neck massaged there was a nice crunching sensation, it felt like my joints were popping back into place! Most importantly, after the massage my back stopped slouching, I always felt uncomfortable keeping it straight, but after the massage it felt as if the lower part of my spine was holding the upper part of my spine, preventing me from slouching, and in general, there was some ease of movement! It is definitely worth the money, I recommend it to everyone! Master Vladimir is very cool, he also enlightened me about anatomy and the benefits of massage!

Elena Litvinovskaya

Finally, I was lucky enough to visit GURU DAS SPA. This is a unique place where you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of massage art. It is a place where everyone can get pleasure and enjoy inexpressible sensations. Master Vladimir is a true professional. Here you can completely relax and trust the master. Vladimir performs the ritual with incredible dedication, giving you emotions and feelings that you can feel and see in your head, as if a beautiful dance is unfolding in front of you. Vladimir is a very calm and open person with whom it is pleasant to communicate. My acquaintance with GURU DAS SPA was very pleasant and unforgettable. The studio decoration is very stylish and modern, which creates an additional atmosphere. Be sure to visit this place and see its uniqueness and quality of services. I will definitely come back to this salon again and again, and will gladly recommend it. Thank you very much, Vladimir, for what you do for us!

Olga Novikova

Yes! This is truly the best massage I’ve ever gotten!

Thank you! You have golden hands!

Bianca Talevska


Absolutely amazing massage!
It was the first time I experienced such a massage technique and it was one of the best massages I have ever had! The atmosphere is very calm and relaxing and Vladimir is the kindest and most gentle soul! I can’t find enough appropriate words to recommend him!
Thank you so much Vladimir!

Pavel Rott


Highly recommended! I had a stiff back after a 9 hour flight, Vladimir was able to find a free space in his schedule. I received a full body treatment and it was impossible to imagine me happier! Vladimir is very skillful, the pressure was just right and he worked all the problem areas. I came out of it rested and rejuvenated. If I were local, I would come to him regularly for treatment. Try it, you won’t regret it!

Vera Feldmane

So I got to the review!

To say that it was extraordinary is to say nothing! Firstly, absolutely comfortable and cozy atmosphere, insanely tactful and sensitive Vladimir! Secondly, incredible combination of music and movements – it is something more than a massage! A kind of a journey into another reality, another dimension! During the whole session it seems that you get to know your body anew, get acquainted with it! Every cell of the tired body is freed from all unnecessary and superfluous things with every second, all negative thoughts evaporate, leaving space for Light and Warmth!

It is really incredible! Massage not only of the body, but also of the Soul! The feeling after the session is as if you have learned to breathe again! And what a dream afterwards! I have already forgotten when I slept so well: sweetly and serenely, as if in the clouds… Thank you again, Vladimir! And may you always and in everything be accompanied by Good Luck and Success!

Valera Minkin


I went for my first massage and was insanely satisfied! Vladimir made a very good impression on me both as a person and as a specialist! Very gentle, attentive, intelligent. The massage is professional and of high quality. Two hours of relaxation! If you have back pain or anything else, the very next day everything will be gone. Very pleased with the quality! I recommend it to everyone!
Thank you, Vladimir!

Natalia Juhimenko


Really cool! I am still under impressions from the hands of such a skillful masseur as you… It’s just like swimming in a warm sea. Thank you so much for giving such soothing, relaxation and pleasure to people! Your hands so skillfully, as the hands of a pianist, play the music of the soul, through the instrument called the body….

In short, I am not a poet, but the massage you do really cool! I recommend it to everyone! From the bottom of my heart: thank you so much again! I feel like I even lost weight after your massage. I will definitely come again… and more than once! Health and strength to you, Vladimir!

Lucas Franco


Flawless massage!

I had a facial and head massage and it was absolutely incredible! He is an amazing professional with magic hands!

Kristina Baranova

The best massage ever!

Thank you so much!

You’re awesome!

Igor Zuev

Vladimir, thank you very much!

I probably evaluate your work a little more closely than others!

I first became acquainted with massage techniques when I was a professional athlete, and then, many years later, I took massage courses myself!

I have visited massage therapists in different countries many times and based on my experience I can say that you are a unique specialist who combines knowledge and skills with positive energy and individual approach!

Your hands “cure” any pain, your words relieve any stress!

Thank you for your work!

Jana Viktorovna

It is difficult to call it just a simple massage, it can be compared to a flight into space!

I am delighted with your massage of such a high level!

Thank you very much!

Tatiana Shipulina


I didn’t write a review right away. I wanted to enjoy the result. Very cool and extremely good! It’s worth it! I recommend it to everyone! I will do it again at the first opportunity.

Samir Bukhsaev

During the massage I was lost in time, for the first time in my life I had such sensations. I never thought that I could feel in my body like this: free and easy. I felt as if I were flying to another dimension, the atmosphere was inexpressible. Vladimir is an impeccable master who loves his work and does it, without exaggeration, better than anyone else! I will come back at the first opportunity.

GURU DAS SPA is the best massage, the best master, and the same result, you will not regret it! Vladimir Gimburg is the best in this business!

I will come back to you at the first opportunity! Thank you, Vladimir, for immersing me in another universe during the massage! It was unforgettable!

Tanja Lavrova

Healing Energy.

Massage of the highest class! The uniqueness of the Master’s work and energy amazes from the first minute. Every centimeter of the physical body is worked through, blocks, clamps, pain disappear. But most importantly, the inner state is healed, anxiety, stress, negative thoughts disappear. How can this be? Master is a real healer! I periodically visit this wonderful place and recommend it to everyone.

Be healthy and happy!

Reyna Carolina Belisario


The best experience of my life! It’s a professional the best in Riga!

Aida Karapetian

This is the best massage in Riga!

Vladimir is an excellent specialist! Top class! The best of the best! I had such a wonderful experience with his massage!!! I can’t wait to see him again!!!
God bless!!!

Dmitrij Todosjev

Excellent! Thank you!

I will leave my feedback… It is possible that a massage from Vladimir will turn out to be the best massage you have ever had! I say this boldly as I have had over 100 massages! In two hours you will be rebuilt like an engine and oiled to your heart’s content! Another amazing thing is that with this person you can communicate on any topics, and in addition to the unique massage can occur realizations in some issues! Very good psychologist! Professional masseur! GURU DAS SPA is a wonderful place!

I recommend it to everyone!

Diana Bartseva

I’ve traveled all over the world, and in every country I’ve had a massage! But for the first time in my life I experienced such special techniques on my body! They are really unique! This guy will make you feel like ten hands are giving you a massage! And he does it with such care and love! I wish all massage connoisseurs and connoisseurs to experience this SPA massage at least once!

Natalia Karagodina

I am grateful for the most gorgeous, cosmic massage to the Master of his craft.

Vladimir is not only a master, but also a soulful interlocutor with a wonderful sense of humor.

After the massage I feel young, flexible and energetic.

Thank you for sharing your energy. I will come back for sure!

Miguel Grabiel


The best massage I have ever had in my life!

Two hours of absolute harmony and relaxation, as well as, complete release of my body from pain and suffering!

I will be happy to come back here when I come to Riga again!

Anita Kairova

The best massage of my life! I have been many places, but this massage is something magical! The approach to each client is great! I forgot I ever had back pain! The best professional in the business!

Alyona Vinogradova

Huge gratitude for your service to PEOPLE!

I would like to appeal to all people who want to hear their body, to help it remove blocks and discomfort that have been tormenting them for a long time:

you should come to Guru Das!

This is not just a massage, it is a conversation between God and man through the body, which we have worn out and continue to use barbarically, not loving, but mercilessly exploiting.

Guru DAS is a master from God who has the power to heal bodies by talking to them through Massage or the gift of touch, by loving and skillful healing.

Low Bow.

Strength to you for Serving and helping people!

Tatjana Sabalina

Good afternoon!

If you want to treat yourself to an unforgettable massage, come to GURU DAS SPA to Vladimir! Personally, I did not read the comments, but came intuitively and could not resist to write a review. From the first touch of these truly magical hands of the Master you get into the cycle of unforgettable sensations of weightlessness and tenderness, unity of soul and body. They like vines braid all of you at once and you disintegrate into small grains of sand and as if on a breeze of wind you merge with the music and teleport to another world, where two hours fly by like one instant, and you already realize that this is the place where you want to return again and again! A BIG THANK YOU and see you soon!

Sincerely, Tatiana.

Edgars Kozaks
Edgars Kozaks

Powerful massage that will take you into space! Vladimir is a master of his craft.

I recommend!

Andrej Garnik

Visit, you won’t regret it!

Got it as a gift from friends and now I will give it to others myself!

Iryna Schärer


I would like to express my gratitude to Vladimir for an amazing massage!

It was an immersion into an unreal world. Two hours flew by like a blink of an eye. Feelings are fantastic! I am very glad to get acquainted with your work. It can’t be called anything else.

I would like to thank Vladimir once again for a unique and wonderful massage! You are simply a Master of your craft.

A master with a BIG BOOK! Everyone who falls into the hands of this man will be pleasantly surprised by Vladimir’s technique and art.

I recommend it to everyone!

Feelings from such a massage are unforgettable!

Irina Levchenko

The massage is so professional!

I advise you to visit! I am thrilled! The hands are strong, but at the same time soft. You have to feel it yourself.

I recommend it! You won’t regret it!

Egor Egorov


Impeccably professional work! As a doctor and a professional familiar with various massage techniques, highly recommended!

Yashwant Gade


I think this is where he gives the best massage in all of Latvia!

Karina Bojar


It is impossible to express in words the sensations I felt today at Guru Das’s massage!!!!

He is a professional! Who was at his massage, knows what I’m writing about!!!! I advise everyone to visit him and realize how divine, magical, professional it is!

I will definitely visit him regularly!!! It’s better to try it once than to read it a hundred times!

Thank you, Guru Das, once again!

Tanya Gasparovich


Master with a Big Letter!!!

It was a great pleasure to visit you for a massage!


Elvisa Kirschberger

The best massage ever!

The massage was really incredibly good and conducted with great care and attention. I did not feel in any way uncomfortable once or anywhere at all!

Highly recommended!

Pekka Helin


Great massage that makes your body very relaxed and balanced!

If you are looking for a massage in Riga, I recommend GURU DAS SPA!

After a two hour treatment you feel so good!

Great massage with relaxing atmosphere!

Vladimir is an expert with excellent techniques for total relaxation, including massage to music!

Irina Florinska

I applauded when the massage session was over! I did!

I applauded because it was the most appropriate reaction to a musical and sensual performance, which Vladimir calls “massage” for some reason.

At first there is an overture – a slow and thorough kneading (squeezing) of muscles. The music fades and slowly the curtain opens. I feel the towel slipping down my back. My shoulders and back are revealed. The set is lined up, a new piece of music plays and the first act of the play begins.

Okay, I’ll get away from theater metaphors, although the image of the ballet performance didn’t let me go for a minute. It seemed that the movements of the masseur’s hands were choreographed.

Continuous, flowing from one to another, following the musical phrases, intensifying at the crescendo and weightlessly flowing at the end of the next piano piece. Sometimes they were suddenly multidirectional, but synchronized to the point where it felt like the master was playing four-handed.

Diana Martynova

Vladimir, sorry for being so late, but I couldn’t help but write to you! Thank you very much once again for all the emotions I experienced today at your massage!

Lying on your massage table, I visited such cosmic places that I have never been in my life! Sometimes it seemed that you have not two hands, but much more! This is some kind of magic! I don’t know what could be more perfect than this magnificent massage! In general, I am immensely glad that I finally reached you and wish I had done it sooner!

Happy to have the opportunity to visit your abode of peace and tranquility! I’m sure I’ll see you soon! Good night, and again I apologize for being so late! Thank you very much, dear Vladimir! You are a wonderful person, to whom I want to return again and again! And may all your endeavors be crowned with success! Good dreams to you!

Igor Hasin

You can’t praise such specialists too much, because then there will be a big queue and it will be difficult to get an appointment! But it is impossible not to praise, because this is the best massage in Riga and its surroundings! Vladimir does wonders with his hands! A true master of his craft!

Elena Soroka

Vladimir, THANK YOU!

This is just a magical massage!

No, perhaps, it is not just a massage, it is something more and something deeper. The sensations after the procedure are cosmic! It’s been three days since my visit to you, and my wings are still growing! I recommend everyone to go through this cosmos!

Janna Jassenskaja

2 hours of relaxation and enjoyment!!!

Everything is as described!!!!

I will definitely come back, and more than once!

Thank you, Vladimir!

Artem Chernous

This experience is simply impossible to describe in words, but I will try.

Absolutely amazing massage, it has everything: comfortable and relaxing music and atmosphere, professional massage of the highest quality, when all your muscles are massaged throughout the massage, while you feel amazing, and of course, friendly and professional specialist – Vladimir!

I can confidently say that it was the best massage I have ever had in my life! Vladimir is just a true master of his craft and his massages of any duration I would highly recommend to everyone!

I tried both 40 minutes and 120 minutes. It is true bliss!

Tatiana Kovaleva

Good afternoon! Finally managed to visit this magical place! Having decided to treat myself to a two-hour massage performed by a wonderful master of his craft, I was completely delighted! I did not expect such a lasting effect! But all in order.

There was pain and stiffness in my shoulders, fatigue, heaviness in my legs and swelling. All the points were discussed. When I went outside after the procedure, I realized that I didn’t want to return to reality at all. Some detachment, lightness of consciousness, unfocused thinking. Complete inner peace. I wanted to prolong this state, so I postponed all business, decisions, household chores to another day. The body felt pleasantly pampered, and the pain in the neck and shoulders became less on the same day. Also noticed changes in the digestive system. Sleep is great, no awakenings, clarity of thought and flexibility of the body did not take long.

The hands of the master are magical, the elements of “embrace” gave exclusivity, feeling unique. I felt unconditional love and care, directed only to myself alone. Calmness and detachment from worldly cares were added by magical aromas, miraculously hovering in the studio. Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience this magic!

Now I know exactly where the best massage in town is! And I know that this was only the first and not the last meeting! Success to you in everything, Vladimir, and prosperity to your brainchild GURU DAS SPA!

Katerina Kovaleva

The best massage in Riga!

We took turns going for a one and a half hour full body massage. The price for the pleasure is 130€, but, believe me, the massage is worth the money!

Everything was done professionally and accurately. All requests were fulfilled. I had the impression when I was getting a back massage with elbows and forearms, as if I was getting a four-handed massage!

It was great! 10 out of 10.

P.S. We had previously visited Thai massage and massage places in a famous hotel in the center of the old town. We didn’t like it there.

Dainis Kriķis

Good afternoon, Vladimir!

Thank you, I feel great.

I already said yesterday that I am surprised how excellent your massage is. I have had massages in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Bali and Sri Lanka and they were good, even very good, but you still surpassed them all! Thank you!

Ineta Mirtoshina

Magical atmosphere, professional approach and a real Master of his craft made this place unforgettable!

I liked it very much! A real rest for mind and body.

Thank you, Vladimir!

Jennifer Gustafsson


Very strong and powerful massage. I came because of problems with my neck and this was just what I needed. The technique used was something completely new to me, but it turned out to be a very positive experience. There is no doubt that this was the best massage I have ever been to! Highly recommended!

Tatyana Tarasova

I met Vladimir, the guru of high-class massage!

It’s not just a 2-hour spa massage of the whole body from the tips of your toes to the tip of the top of your head + face under pleasant light music, but also relaxation of the whole nervous system of the organism!

Brains just fly into space and you fall into a state where you do not want to think about anything, forget about all the troubles and stress!

You just trustingly give yourself in the strong hands of the Master of his work and he, as if HILER, puts everything in your body in its place: and vertebrae and joints and internal organs!

From Vladimir you come out completely peaceful and rejuvenated – both face and body, and you realise that you want to come back and more than once relax your body and soul in his hands….

I strongly advise everyone who is not yet familiar with Vladimir and his massage techniques to try his skills!

You will never regret it!

Thank you very much, Vladimir!

You are really doing YOUR job!

Good luck to you and only grateful clients!

David Dias


I had a two hour Full Power Massage and I can say with full confidence that it was the best deep tissue/muscle massage of my life! I’ve been massaged with different techniques in several parts of the world, and the Guru Das Massage technique is truly excellent, if not the best I’ve tried so far!

Since I am a big guy, he had to work hard on me, but his strength remained consistent (very strong) throughout the entire two hour massage. That alone is an accomplishment. Thank you, Guru Das!

Victoria Alexandrovna

Just magic and endless enjoyment of the process! Thank you so much Vladimir, you are just a guru of your work!!! I recommend to everyone who really wants to get a high-quality and endlessly unforgettable massage!

Aija Trotite

BOUNTY! Just go for it and wake up as a whole new person!

Relax, enjoy and become a whole new person!

It was the best massage experience!

Plunge into the realm Vladimir creates for you. He knows how to help you get rid of your stiffness and forget the daily stress. Starting with warm welcome, brief amicable conversation in the relaxing atmosphere to prepare for the procedure, you cannot do otherwise but trust the master’s hands and transfer to the universe of senses. Time stops, thoughts switch off and it is only about you flying and letting go of everything. You will desire it to last forever.

When landing and back to reality, you’ll have a clear mind, emotions overwhelming and feel like you could hug the world and nothing is impossible.

Highly recommended!

Anna Rudenko


Today the stars aligned and I got a massage without waiting in line, no, not so, the best massage of my life! And believe me, I have something to compare it with! Thank you, Volodya!

I recommend to everyone who wants to make a holiday of body and soul! Definitely go for the best massage to the best masseur!

Igors A.

Great massage! Just the only really strong and professional masseur in Riga!!! Very satisfied with the result, I recommend it to everyone!

Elena Baumane

Mega cool massage. I recommend it to everyone!!!

Sigita Saulite

I am in awe of this beautiful massage! It was craftsmanship of the highest level! I have been to many massages, but here it was done so perfectly that I enjoyed it for the first time and only with this master. I will definitely come back again and again!

Margarita Lace

The best massage of the best!

Great massage! Feeling light, body soft, muscles relaxed!

The best massage you can get! I definitely recommend it!

The massage is of the highest level!

Inna Kozlinska

A unique and profound massage experience. One of the best massages I have ever had. Performed with love, care and high professionalism. I feel so much better now! This was my second visit (the first was in the summer of 2021). While the first time I flew very far, this time it was a focused wellness experience to improve blood and lymph flow, work on my head and shoulder area. The full body massage is a masterpiece! If you are deciding which massage to choose, this is the one to choose!

Pavel Batekhin

Had a massage with Vladimir at the end of 2022 and really enjoyed it. It is really a REAL massage. In my opinion, Vladimir is a very high-class specialist and a very warm-hearted person. To everyone who likes a powerful, good massage – I highly recommend it. I believe that such specialists as Vladimir prolong the life of our body and improve the quality of our life. Thank you!

Marina Melnikova

I finally had this wonderful experience too! It’s been a day since the massage. I can give adequate feedback.

I am incredibly satisfied! Pleasure is received both during the process of Master’s work on my body and after. I feel great, my body tightened and rejuvenated. The feeling after the massage was like after an active sports session. The sleep is strongest! My mood is wonderful! I managed to detach myself from earthly worries, to fly to the clouds and safely return to this world renewed and rested! Thank you very much, Vladimir, for your work!

Līga Ziemele

I recommend to go to this massage, because here on the Internet all the sensations are impossible to describe! The man gives his whole soul to his work! I’ve been wanting to sign up for this massage for a long time and finally got ready and went… After this massage my body was a little sore, but now my back no longer hurts like it did before!

Ivan Lelas


Vladimir is the only reason why everyone should come to Riga! Vladimir and his massages are a whole other level!!!

Svetlana Zhuk

Recently I had an opportunity to visit the massage studio of a wonderful master of his craft – Vladimir! From the first minutes I was surrounded by sincere attention and care. It was not an ordinary visit to a massage room! Vladimir, having seated me in a comfortable chair, told me about what kind of massage was waiting for me, asked about my wishes, explained that massage is about pleasure and pleasure (in addition to the benefits), but not about pain! Our conversation finally convinced me that I was in the right place and in the right hands of a professional. Two hours flew by unnoticed, and it was a wonderful two hours. Vladimir is a master of his craft! During the session you forget about everything, the tension of working days accumulated in the body goes away, strong hands of the master help muscles to relax, in the technique of massage you can feel great experience and professionalism, the sense of reality is switched off. After the massage there was a forgotten feeling of lightness, and it gave a charge of energy and vigor. A place to which you want to return and feel again that soft, light and caring energy, and I hope that a new meeting with Vladimir is not far off.

My sincere admiration and gratitude to Vladimir!

Jana Podniece

I came in for this massage over a month ago. I had severe shoulder pain that had been plaguing me for over a year. In the advertisement he states that even after one massage you will feel so much better, and this statement is true!

As I mentioned above, I visited him over a month ago and I feel absolutely great! It feels like I was at his massage just yesterday! I recommend this specialist to one and all!

Thank you so much Vladimir, I have never felt better!

Yuri Kiselev


My best massage ever! Do you know that feeling when you instantly realize that a man really knows his job perfectly? Yes, that’s Vladimir!

He has a perfect understanding of how and what to do. He is strong but careful, very attentive and kind. It really was the best massage I have ever had in my life!

Alina Sabolta


Dear Vladimir!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for a real gift for body and soul! You are so attentive to the reaction of my body and give true bliss! After your massage I feel lightness and freshness, as if a feather in the air! All pain and fatigue goes away, leaving room only for harmony and tranquility!

You are a real massage wizard!
And I can’t imagine a better way to thank you and say thank you very much! See you again and all the best!!!!!!!!.

Sincerely, Alina.

oli jolie
Oli Jolie

Great Britain

This is the best massage in Riga and far beyond! The purest high! Lying on the massage table, the body seems to disintegrate into millions of particles, each of which will be massaged!

The soul separates from the body and flies into space! Two hours of uninterrupted pleasure! In addition to pleasure, you can feel the professionalism of a high level and deep knowledge of the master in massage!

I highly recommend to everyone who has problems, or who just wants to get high! Namaste.

Danylo Podhornyy

Canada, Toronto

Vladimir is an extremely dedicated professional and the service exceeded expectations! Definitely recommend to everyone else!!! You will never regret the level of his massage service. Vladimir, thank you again for such a warm welcome!

Anastasia Robatena

I gave my husband gaift card for his birthday and he absolutely loved it!

Vladimir is a very nice person. We will definitely come back again and recommend it to everyone.

Thank you very much!

Kristina Gimburga

Thank you, Daddy, for putting your whole Soul into your work! You have a priceless talent, and I am eternally proud and admire you! You are just an amazing Master! Your hands are undoubtedly controlled by God Himself!

Entering your studio, fragrant with wonderful aromas, one finds oneself as if in the Spiritual World, and one does not want to leave it, as everything in it is soaked with Your love and devotion to Your Work and God.

I wish You success and many grateful and happy clients! I love you very much!

Come for a massage in GURU DAS SPA!
Get well both physically and spiritually!

Elena Voroshnina

Dear Vladimir!

A few days ago I was lucky enough to have a massage with you. Now I can share my feelings. I came to the massage on Friday evening after a hard week of work. It was a very good decision, because in an hour and a half my week-long fatigue was lifted like a hand. Or rather, it was taken away by your two professional hands! The massage itself was magical. I tried not to fall asleep to feel the favorable effect on every cell of my tired body. During the massage I felt like I was rocking on the waves of the ocean, which was gently enveloping me with its care. This incredible effect came from the massage movements to the beat of magical music, or the music was in the beat of the massage. It felt like you and the music were one and the same! A very interesting feeling was from the belly massage – as if a cobra with its hood open was doing its dance and healing my body! It seemed that I saw the dance of the multi-armed Shiva! You have everything very well thought out, with care for the person who came to you. It was very pleasant to be in the hands of a Wizard! Thank you very much, dear Vladimir, for the opportunity to give rest and relaxation not only to the body, but also to the soul! All the blessings to you and your relatives!

Nikolay Kudreyko

Booked an hour massage at 09:00 with Vladimir, chose Guru Das Full Body Massage (Dream) for 110 euros. Received on WhatsApp detailed instructions on how to find. First, a short conversation (like a doctor: what ailments, injuries, etc.), then the work of the Master, quite intensively for an hour working through the body, all areas, especially where there are spasms and stagnation (he sees everything with his hands, you do not need to say anything to him). A unique technique, I have never encountered such a technique before. I am very satisfied with the result. You can immediately understand and feel the difference between other massages that I have tried before and the massage that Vladimir does. There is a lot of force in his hands, but he applies it very dosed and reasonably. There are few such masters in the profession. Many thanks to him! If someone needs a health-improving massage, it is better to go to him and for an hour and a half, at least.

Natalija Teslenko

Incredible massage!

Truly the best in Latvia! If you want a heavenly pleasure for yourself, to relax from all worldly problems, then entrust yourself to Vladimir’s professional hands!

Clara Song

South Korea

It was absolutely amazing! Oil massage but unlike other massages it was very powerful! I was very disappointed with oil massages in general, even from the one I had a week ago, after which I found this massage! His touch artistically follows the music! If I lived in Riga, I would come for this massage every month! Thank you!

Nana Nyd


One of the best massage sessions I have ever had and the best in Switzerland!

Looking forward to the next session!

Highly recommended!

Helena Schmid


In many years of attending different types of massage, this is the first time I have been really surprised by Technique. Unreal-unexpected.

The dance of hands. Rest for and from the body!

I really enjoyed it!

Thank you very much and until next time!

Alex Gavrilov

Came to the master a couple of days ago, I expected to have a regular massage, but as a musician, I was surprised first with the music and afterwards with its accompaniment following the massage. Talking about the massage, I was simply shocked! I go for massages regularly, and have been to different massages all over the world, but this massage is beyond compare! The man doesn’t just give a massage, he lives it. An unforgettable journey that leaves pleasant emotions and lightness in the body. Thank you to the master!!! I will come again. I recommend!

Julia Gnedaya

The workmanship is top notch!

The massage was just beautiful. Fulfilled all my expectations! Professionalism and thoughtfulness of all the details at the highest level. The whole body was massaged very deeply, and without pain. The energy started to circulate in a different way. The next day I slept well, with a light and pleasant fatigue in my body. It was two hours of being in another Universe!

Thank you, Vladimir!

Irina Kuzmenko

I remembered you with a kind word.
You are a magician and magician of massage!

I feel great! Yesterday I just fell asleep in the transport, today I am already flying at work. I am going for another massage but next month.

My gratitude has no limits!

Diāna Novicka

Fantastic! If you want to experience a fantastic atmosphere and relax, GURU DAS SPA is the right choice. Very warm attitude and professional technique, designed exactly for your needs. One session with Vladimir and you are back on top of your game!

Rita Kalniņa

Incredible massage and energy work from a skilled Massage Master. Energy and harmonization of body and mind. Why do I recommend everyone to try massage from Master Vladimir Gimburg? First of all, it is a unique combination of highly professional massage skill with an incredibly soothing technique of hand movements. For those who appreciate energy work: Vladimir undoubtedly works with energies, harmonizing and balancing energy flows in the body. Everything Vladimir does is matched to atmospheric and soothing music. The session is divided into several parts. Secondly, Vladimir has created an exquisite spa atmosphere. Everything is thought out to the last detail: luxurious aroma, dark lighting, very tastefully decorated interior. It was an incredible experience! I felt a burst of energy for days, and at the same time felt very balanced and energized.

Natalia Slusar

Everything is on high level!

I am a massage lover, for many years every week I definitely use the services of massage therapists, so I have something to compare with. Vladimir Gimburg is definitely in the top 1 of my rating. My two hour journey into the world of massage and some other reality is a feeling as if unearthly beings are enveloping my body, as if they want to take me into a world from which I don’t want to return!

100% my recommendation!

Nellya Miloradova

I would like to express my huge gratitude to Vladimir, the best master of his craft, who simply has magic hands!!!! For his delightful massage!!!! Thank you very much, Vladimir, for your great work; and it is not easy. For the fact that with the help of your massage you make us happy, healthy and beautiful! From the bottom of my heart I wish you health and all blessings!

You are the best!

Alvaro Cesar


Great massage! Without a doubt it was the best massage and the best experience I had in Riga! His technique is special, the atmosphere is calm. I leave this place with an undeniable feeling of relaxation, and it’s a pity I don’t live in Riga to enjoy there so much more often.

Olga Urzhuntseva

Switzerland, Zurich

Absolutely the best massage ever!

In 25 years of practice as a client and lover of quality massages, I can with full confidence rate the work of this master as the best! This massage therapist has no competition! Brings you back to your senses and revitalizes you in one session of a two hour massage. Highly recommended for people who are watching their physical and mental health!



Worth to remember masage experience. Vladimir’s masage experience was amazing! He is tentative and customer oriented masage expert with his own invented masage approach which includes starting and finishing masage etaps together with special music presicly matching intensity of each approach. Fantastic! Feels like ocean going over your back, sometimes it felt like Vladimir has 4 hands at once over your back. Thanks and Namaste!

Natalia Vasilieva


Vladimir is a guru of his work!!!

And it’s not just his work, it’s his favorite work, his life! He treats each client with a soul! To each individual approach!!!! Wonderful man and master!!!! God bless you with good health, success and prosperity in your favorite business!!!!

You are the best!!!!
Thank you very much!!!!!

Erika Balta

Phenomenal!!! In fact, even a rich russian language cannot describe this experience, it really can only be lived, felt! If every woman in Riga at least once in her life had a massage with Vladimir, the streets would be alive with happy, satisfied, young, beautiful and feeling their bodies! Thank you very much, Vladimir, for your labor!

After the massage I feel delightful! It was a very important experience for me! You told me a lot about my body and about me as a woman. I am eternally grateful to you for that!

Your massage is really the best in Riga! But these regalia are not the most important thing! You are a very bright person. I am insanely glad that I was able to meet you!

Daria Vedmiedieva

I flew into space! I can’t call it a massage – it was more like some kind of magic that lasted for two hours, but you can’t feel the time in this space at all. I really felt myself in weightlessness, experiencing incredible pleasure. When I woke up the next day, I felt light and my body felt grateful for the care I had taken of it. The wrinkles on my face smoothed out and the nasolabial crease that had been bothering me became much smaller, and this effect lasted the next day. Anyone who wants to experience similar emotions of delight and pleasure, you should come to Vladimir, a miracle man!

Katerina Litwinowska

After The Best massage, it felt like I flew away on wings! Just what the doctor ordered! I was also very surprised that the wrinkle on my face near my lips, which I have been struggling with lately, suddenly smoothed out. Some kind of magic in facial massage! I will definitely come back again! As a person with experience as a masseur, who also works in spas in hotels around the world, I can say that, of course, there is no comparison with a “regular massage”, because the technique and the atmosphere that Vladimir creates works here!

I am delighted!

Tatiana Parasochka

I had an incredible massage yesterday from the wonderful master Vladimir! It is worth coming back and returning to his skillful hands! There are no analogues! Feelings of atmosphere, smells, style and the highest quality of the process itself will leave deep impressions and will want to come back more than once!

Ina Bukhsaeva

I have been watching Vladimir for many years, and I dreamed of going to see him. And my dream came true at Christmas! Vladimir, you are a wonderful person, attentive, one can say, a sculptor who heals both body and soul! Health to you and your hands!

Zane Hartmane


Went for a facial massage. The guy was incredibly kind and his massage was very professional! Highly recommend him if you are looking for a top notch massage!!!

Olya Durseneva

When, during a massage, the thought suddenly comes, “And let this massage last forever”… It’s hard to describe it. It is necessary to feel it. The massage is unique – a professional play of the Master’s hands on all the strings of the body and Soul. Every cell of the body is grateful for the sensitive touch, after which you come back renewed. Your face glows with Happiness after a magic massage and you hardly recognize yourself in the mirror.

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail: dim light, soft satin sheets covering your body, divine music, wonderfully scented oil….

You get into the world of relaxation and bliss, where you are no longer disturbed by the chaotic noises of the outside world – you just enjoy the magic melody of your soul, which was trapped in the restrained body, but which the magnificent Master “let out” with his unique massage. It remains only to enjoy this melody.

Thank you, Vladimir, for your magic hands!

Danylo Podhornyy


Best massage in Latvia!

Vladimir is extremely skillful professional and service was beyond all expectations!
I definitely recommend it to everyone.
You will never be disappointed by his massage service!

Svetlana Lisina

Dear Master!

Thank you very much for your magic hands, for the extraordinary sensations during and after the massage!

It is impossible to explain in words… you have to feel it with every cell of your body!

The best massage in Riga!

Inga Sūna

The best massage in Riga! Amazing master with amazing hands and the best magic massage! Great atmosphere, perfect approach and attitude.

Ilona Felda

And I too had the opportunity the other day to enjoy one of the massages that GURU DAS SPA studio offers! It was simply INCREDIBLE and really worth GOLD!!! After the massage I went home smiling and feeling proud that we have such a wonderful and loving master in Riga! GURU DAS SPA, you are a gift of destiny for all of us! Thank you so much!

Nadezhda Pikuleva

This man knows a lot about pleasure. The union of hands and music, the combination of strong, deep movements and light touches give an unforgettable effect. Each movement is well thought out and clearly executed. After the massage, the body is soothed in bliss and relaxed. It is more than a massage! It is foreplay, it is a dialog, it is an awakening.

Vladimir is a Guru, for all the intimacy of the process he remains a Master and only. Sensitive attention to wishes, peculiarities, desires.

I boldly recommend this pleasure!
And I hope to repeat more than once!

Olga Li

Good afternoon to all spa adventurers!

I thank Master Vladimir for a wonderful vacation in the massage studio of GURU DAS SPA!

The massage is EXCLUSIVELY PROFESSIONAL, the movements of the Master’s hands are polished, gliding and covering literally the whole body, at the same time, the Master is so “invisible” that it seems as if your body is massaged by some forces by itself.

I got such an unreal pleasure and several ppm of massage bliss that my legs walked by themselves for some time, and my brain stopped its activity for some time after a two-hour session!

I advise everyone to experience it and return to the territory of harmony of body and soul!

Tatyana Tarasova

I can consider myself Vladimir’s regular client, as I have already had more than 25 massage sessions with him!

I never tire of being amazed by his technique (I have never experienced such a technique in any other country in the world!), from which you experience such unique, fantastic, divine, simply stellotnokosmic sensations, which you may never experience in your life, if you do not come to Vladimir’s massage studio at least once!

I simply did not expect that here in Riga, very close by, just next door, there is a God of exclusive, author’s massage, which is impossible to describe in short words!

It’s a cosy studio, inviting atmosphere, pleasant enveloping music and the master of all this bliss, Vladimir, who is very attentive, will listen to you, will ask you how you feel before and after the procedure, and will do everything to make you feel like a butterfly just hatched from its cocoon after working on your body …

I wish you, Vladimir, to change your page “The best massage in Riga” to “The best massage in the world” in the near future!

Having experienced it many times myself, I confirm that Vladimir is a Master of God, who has the highest level and the best massage technique I have ever met in my entire conscious life!

To all massage lovers: you should definitely try it at least once! You will not regret it! I guarantee it!

Tatiana Gschwend


Thank you so much for the extraordinary massage!


At first I felt how fatigue and tension were gradually squeezed out of every cell, and then I just fell asleep! Such relaxation, such a reboot and renewal!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to a new session!

Natalia Smirnova

I can tell you right away – the specialist is the coolest! Everything is at the highest level! It is very rare to find real professionals who do not disagree with the result. Vladimir is one of them! Healing, magical hands. Thank you! I recommend!

Lena Wenzinger


Well, dear comrades and friends! I finally tried the Two Hour Relax! I will not write much, I will only say: absolutely empfehlenswert!

Thank you, Vladimir!

Tatjana Polakova

Thank you very much! You have golden hands!

Tatjana Lukina

This is a truly delightful massage! The Master’s hands flutter over you almost without touching you, then gently take you captive, then flow along your body in a stream… and at this time you are already in nirvana, and in complete relaxation to the music you fly high and far away! Thank you, Vladimir, for your art and love for your work – you feel it with every cell! I highly recommend everyone to experience it at least once!

Tatiana Kruglova

Friends! I just can’t keep quiet, I have to share with you. Yesterday I went for a massage at GURU DAS SPA. I got a gift card as a present for my birthday. So… This is Paradise, not a place! I do not get tired of telling everywhere and to everyone who asks about massage. Vladimir is really a master of his craft. I was once at his place as a model for a student he was training. Even then I noticed for myself how he teaches not only technique, but also the attitude to the client, for me it is very important, as I myself always try to give the client maximum passion and attention, and this I think Kruuuuto, because not only technique, but also service is a very IMPORTANT detail. I wish Vladimir prosperity in his favorite business, and of course I will come to him for magic technique more than once! Guys, you need to go there and visit this Paradise!

Agnese Broliša

I have never met such a professional as this wonderful masseur! From the first minute of our meeting I felt an inexpressible atmosphere of care and comfort.

His inimitable experience and skill were evident in every movement and touch. Thanks to his unique methods and techniques, my muscles and body felt completely relaxed and harmonized. This talented massage therapist was able to achieve results that I had not been able to achieve before!

I heartily recommend this professional to anyone who is looking for a top-notch massage therapist who can demonstrate the true art of massage. I am sure that everyone who tries his services will be pleasantly surprised and will experience the true pleasure of massage. Don’t miss the opportunity to please your body and soul by contacting this incredible master of his craft!

Lea Hessenmüller
Lea Hessenmüller


Delightful studio!!!

Vladimir is very talented and incredibly friendly. The massage was very relaxing and the whole atmosphere suited him very well. He uses some special technique that I’ve never seen anywhere before! Absolute recommendation!!!

Ms. Miracle

Very high quality relaxing massage! I can feel that the master puts his whole soul into it, so that there is a feeling of constant high, because the massage is carried out with the palms and elbows. Afterwards, my neck pain was gone, I felt light and in a good mood! The massage even helped with stress.

I highly recommend it!

Elena Semenova

I have just had your divine massage!!! I was lying there, pampered with pleasure, and was thinking what words to choose, how to describe this splendor, this dance of divine, all-encompassing hands on my body. You are the God of massage, you are, you are the only one!!! What a happiness to experience this high at least sometimes!!!! THANK YOU, VLADIMIR!!!!!!!

Tatyana Ivanovna

It wasn’t two hands, it was a thousand hands, so strong and at the same time warm and soft. It was an unforgettable two hours of my life!

Your massage is the best thing that can be in life!

Thank you, Master!
Master from God!

See you soon!

Ludmila Krasnikova

United Kingdom

I highly recommend and will definitely come back! I really enjoyed the attention to detail in interacting with different parts of the body and stretching, or massaging depending on what is needed and in a way that helps your pain points feel better!

Vladimir was great!!! I came in with leg muscle spasms and neck and shoulder issues. His technique and deep tissue massage made all the difference! Compared to other places I have visited, here I got lasting results for the next few days. The atmosphere was perfect and my body felt incredibly rejuvenated. I have been here twice and plan to keep coming back. Very clean facility and great service!

I would recommend everyone to give it a try!

Aziz Aliev
Aziz Aliyev

Incredible massage in the heart of Riga! Had an hour and a half massage at Vladimir’s studio. It was an absolutely incredible experience. Professional massage, cozy atmosphere, pleasant music and everything you need for a comfortable rest. I highly recommend visiting to enjoy the outstanding service! Thank you, Vladimir! Great massage. Like being born again. Great technique, super studio. Highly recommended!

Anna Starodubska

I can’t help but express my delight from your massage! Vladimir, you are a virtuoso masseur!

Thank you very much for such a magnificent gift! I am a fan of your massage. I will not even compare anyone with you! This is more than a massage! Really unique! How you grow a couple more hands during the session, I do not know, but the feeling at some moments that you have four hands)))

Space, magic!

Such a Master as Vladimir simply does not exist! There are good masseurs, but here is not just a massage, but an unparalleled massage! With full commitment of the whole soul! You only have to experience it to feel it! Two hours of complete cosmos! I recommend it to everyone!

Five and a million pluses!
Thank you very much, Vladimir!

Natalia Smirnova
Natalia Smirnova

Magical massage! And the Master is a miracle worker! I just don’t have words to describe this pleasure… On the eve of my Birthday Vladimir’s massage was my Gift. THANK YOU!!!

Ирина Скаредова
Irina Skaredova

For the price that Vladimir offers, this is the best massage in the world! There is no such price-quality ratio anywhere! There is no other Master like Vladimir and there will never be! Yes, I’ve already found my Master. It’s you! And the main thing is the amazing result! I lost 10 kg and became 15 years younger after I became Vladimir’s client!

Irina Logina

Dear Vladimir, you are a master of your unique massage! I am truly grateful to you for an amazing, truly the best massage in the world, it was unbelievable!!! Every movement of your hands brought such relief and relaxation that I felt like I was on a cloud. I could feel every muscle responding to your art. Your hands created a miracle, dissolving hardships and tensions. You have an atmosphere of cosiness and calmness that is hard to convey in words. I left you with a feeling of bliss and gratitude. You really make the world a better place with just one massage! Thank you for your skill and your warm attitude. I look forward to meeting you again to immerse myself in your magical world of pleasure and wonder.

I highly recommend you to everyone! Vladimir has the hands of the Creator! The massage is worth it. Magic and gratitude for such control of the body. I am alive, I blossomed, I want to dare, create and please everyone! And all this is the merit of Vladimir! The merit of his hands! I repeat – there is no one better than him! And it is worth it!

With gratitude and best wishes!!! Irina.

Lilit Baghdasaryan

This is really The Best massage in Riga!

I came in tense, angry, with a headache, and came out nice, kind, relaxed, and ready to conquer the world again!

Julia Ferarra

I would like to thank Master Vladimir for a wonderful massage! You can see that the master with a soul treats his favorite work! I liked it very much at your place. I have never seen such a massage anywhere before! It is not even a massage, but a whole ritual. And the atmosphere and music and the massage itself, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The result – muscle tension is relieved, a wonderful feeling of well-being, complete relaxation during the massage, a blossoming appearance. Afterwards there is vigor and a burst of energy. A wonderful feeling of lightness. And the skin from oils is velvety like a baby’s!

Thank you, Vladimir, once again!

Irina Ilchenko

I confirm every word said here!

This is really the best massage in Riga!

Daina Ločmele

This is NOT just a massage! It is a revitalization of the soul!

It is a two hour continuous feeling of care and love. It’s the best of what you can give your body to then perk up and move on happily!

When one does something with such incredible dedication and from the heart as Guru Das does, then only the Divine can result!

Immense gratitude and love to you from me and from the whole Universe! I in the morning and I in the evening after your hands are two different people! I am happy!

Valentina Dyakon

GURU DAS SPA is the place where not only body but also soul is brought back to life. A cozy room, strong, skillful hands of a masseur, beautiful music, professional and really the best massage in Riga!

Vladimir, thank you very much!

Gelena Adamenko

Once again I was lucky enough to plunge into the atmosphere of an amazing man and an unrivalled Master! His energy reaches the innermost corners of my soul, envelops and warms me.

And then you find yourself in his hands, and the mystery begins, you feel every part of your body, as if you recognise it anew.

The Master’s hands reveal to you yourself, a new you. And even these words do not describe a hundredth of those sensations, emotions, state.

It’s like Music! Bravo, Maestro!

I never cease to admire you!
Always and sincerely YOURSELF!!!

Yekaterina Machevskaya

A good massage is part of taking care of your physical body, which needs our attention. I chose this Master by the photos during the work. You can see the healing energies right away!

They are. As a plus: pleasant music and atmosphere. Very harmonizing. I was very satisfied! The master uses some special massage techniques that at some point I did not even realize how many real hands a person has!

In short, I recommend you to pay attention to Vladimir’s massage!

Татьяна Голубева
Tatiana Golubeva

The best massage not only in Riga, but also, dare I say it, in all the countries where I have been and lived. You will not find such a service anymore.

Vladimir, I am immensely grateful for your energy, your labor, your dedication, your warmth and warmth! And, of course, for the best massage of my life!

Larisa Kotova

That’s fantastic!

Your fortitude is impressive! Your service to the art of massage, that is, to people, is admirable! Your massage is healing! You are an amazing person and a true Master of your craft!

Health to you, Vladimir!

Larisa Jersova

Best massage ever!!!

It was a great experience!

Vladimir was just great!

I highly recommend him!

It was the best massage I have had in Riga!

Anna Borovikova

Journey through your own body.

Respecting and listening to the client’s wishes, Vladimir will create conditions of complete relaxation for your body. Two hours in musical accompaniment, traveling behind the hands of the Master, fly by unnoticed. The body is filled with vital juice and energy from the toes to the back of the head. I recommend it as the best investment in your own well-being!


The best massage in Riga!

GURU DAS SPA doesn’t need advertising at all. This is the only person who I felt in my soul with his work. He is a very spiritual and open person. I went to him in December. Before going to him, I fainted for two weeks. Afterward, my soul was calmer. My face felt refreshed. I got a lot of compliments (leaving the parlor) from strangers. Even though before the massage I was crying every day. He is really cool. I highly recommend it! I went to others. But he is not a competitor!

Irina Belova

An unforgettable two-hour journey into an unexplored world, in which you plunge with your whole being! Incredible relaxation and a feeling of boundless happiness covers every part of your soul and body!

A divine state to feel like a Goddess in the hands of such a wonderful Man, who gives himself to this unearthly process! In addition: the most pleasant relaxing atmosphere from the very first minute brings you into a state of complete comfort and coziness!

Dear Vladimir, I am so grateful to the Almighty for meeting you! For the opportunity to touch the Sacrament of such a Light Soul! Thank you for such a deep Mission! And I am looking forward to the next Meeting with You!

Lilia Breiva

I believe that I was very lucky to get to Vladimir, because Google does not give out the first line of this master, and in vain!

Everyone to Vladimir for a massage session!

You will not regret and will be satisfied more than 100%! Usually I do not write reviews, but here I just can not do it!

Vladimir, thank you very much!

Xenia Müller


I wanted to write a review! I couldn’t do it in three words. Words of gratitude are not enough to say, you need to feel it.

I realised that I would get to the master and feel in complete euphoria, but I could not imagine how much!!!!

Thank you very much, Vladimir, for the weightlessness and detachment from everything at the moment of massage! You fall into an unreal world where there is no room for thoughts, only your golden hands! Incredible lightness, no need to force yourself to sleep every day. The rhythm of vitality, mood and inexplicable adrenaline! All this is your work!!! Indescribable delight! We are waiting for new meetings! Thank you very much for your boundless love for your profession, and for us, people who appreciate and respect your work!

Sincerely, Xenia.

Vēsma Dortāne

I did not know about such a technique and such a professional master of his craft. Recommended to me by friends with the best reviews. Incredible, inexpressible sensations after the procedure. The calm, relaxed atmosphere and kindness that overwhelms you as soon as you enter this space.

The Guru Das Spa technique is a treatment performed by strong hands, which results in a tightened body and a new face – amazing!!!! I wish everyone who has not yet experienced this massage method, don’t delay, visit and get a second youth before spring!!! Once again THANK YOU so much!!! I wish you, Vladimir, health and energy to continue your work!

Anna Undzena

I had a wonderful day today! I attended a massage given to me by a very interesting and talented specialist, who is able to create miracles while doing his work!

I recommend everyone to treat themselves to a magnificent two-hour massage in the GURU DAS SPA studio!

Olga Kalashnikova

I had a massage with you six months ago and… I couldn’t, for the first time, write a review… Because I was overwhelmed with so much gratitude and such incredible admiration… I just couldn’t think of how to put my impressions into words… Thank you!

Svetlana Kashtanova

Dear friends! I recommend it to everyone! I tried it myself. I couldn’t believe that two hours flew by!

I will definitely continue! And there is no point in describing the sensations. Try it yourself! Thank you very much to the Master!

This is probably the best massage of my life!

Aleksandra Khladun

Such people as Vladimir, one in 1,000,000! This is not just a massage! It is a complete immersion in you, in your body and soul.

He feels everything down to the last detail! Every touch is not just for fun. It’s like a dream you don’t want to wake up from.

5 stars isn’t even enough! Go and you will understand everything yourself!

Thank you, Vladimir!

Svetlana Gri

Vladimir is one of those few masseurs who is able to give not only pleasure to your body with his massage, but he is also able to give you an unforgettable feeling of comfort and pleasure to your soul! Being in his studio, you feel unforgettably wonderful, and leaving him, there is a feeling that you want to return to him again and again.

Vladimir is also a very interesting interlocutor, so a visit to him is not only a visit to an experienced specialist, but also a visit to a person with whom it is interesting to talk and learn something new. In general, it is food for both soul and body! I strongly recommend everyone to visit this wonderful place with an unforgettable massage!

Thank you, Vladimir, for comfort and cosiness, as well as for a wonderful massage and interesting conversation!

Tatyana Nitavskaya

Vladimir, thank you so much for an incredible two-hour full body and facial massage!

You are a master of your craft!

No one has ever felt and loved my body so much. The slight dizziness and pleasant fatigue will haunt me throughout the day.
And it’s CRUCIAL! An unforgettable energy exchange!

I highly recommend the best master in Riga!

Thank you GURU DAS SPA!

Marianna Suter



Not just a spa massage!

You realise what a unique, author’s massage is when you find yourself on the massage table in Vladimir’s caring, hot, intelligent and knowledgeable hands. These hands open not only geographical boundaries, but also many human hearts. Two-hour session of massage of the whole body and face. It would seem that the master can perform so many different things during these long hours (the flight from Riga to Zurich is also long).

This comprehensive two-hour procedure of CARE ends sooner than thought. Master Vladimir works on all parts of the body with guru knowledge. The session culminates with a facial massage. As a result, it will radiate all known hormones of happiness. At the end, with the feeling of lightness and elation comes a banal feeling of childish disappointment that this time of special care and tenderness is coming to an end. This is the secret of the master’s individual approach: he knows how to destroy the burden with which you came to the massage parlour.

Vladimir’s skill is the art of enhancing and sharpening all five senses of human perception in his client, and can even open up the possibility of other dimensions.

“Everything starts with a touch,” say connoisseurs. Vladimir is a person with amazing positive, creative and loving (zapovednoy) energy, a specialist with a deep knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and psychology, supported by numerous diplomas, and most importantly – a master who realises his calling to help people! Gratitude for putting yourself in his hands is priceless!

Thank you, Master!

Elijah Ryan


I received a professional massage here and I recommend to anyone who needs one!

Anzhela Gromova

A huge thank you to the Master!

It was an extraordinary massage! Massage to music. At some point it seems that the Maestro is playing on your body, and it is your body that responds to him with a melody.

Complete relaxation, complete relaxation!

Bravo, Master!

Ksenia Mikutskaya

It was an unforgettable introduction to full body massage. Two whole hours of pleasure and relaxation. The abdominal massage gave me goosebumps, and the facial massage was something extraordinary!

There is calm relaxing music in the room. All thoughts and problems go somewhere beyond the doors of the massage studio and you want to melt. And the most important thing is to hold back and not to fall asleep, as you don’t want to miss a minute of pleasure!

Thank you very much to the Master!


I am very grateful that I was lucky and had such an opportunity to get a massage with Vladimir in such a short time!

Vladimir is a Master, a man with incredible charisma! Next to him you feel calm, protected and trust him completely!

His massage is very interesting, powerful and intense. And this massage is absolutely incomparable to all other massages!

Valeriya Gasheva

Vladimir, thank you for magical sensations! For your magnificent hands, for your delicate and delicate attitude! It is not just a massage, it is rather a care for the body and the soul too! You work so subtly, sensitively, just like a magical tuner with a fine ear. Exactly what the body needs!

I felt like an Egyptian queen must have felt when she was cared for from all sides!

Thank you and I want to come back to you again!

Inese Tinesse

Good afternoon, Vladimir!

I feel very well.
The day was full of pleasant events and acquaintance with the BEST masseur in the WORLD!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful gift for me! It was a real holiday for body and soul! You are a cool professional in your work!

So many emotions were aroused by your gorgeous massage! Even uncomfortable… at the end tears flowed…

Ingrida Belova

Two hours of pleasure!

Stepping over the threshold of the office, you move from the office building into the atmosphere of peace and comfort: the room is semi-dark, pleasant music and a very comfortable massage table. The massage technique is enveloping, the master works not only with fingers and palms, but with the whole hand. No painful sensations, but the massage is deep and everything that needs to be clicked and relaxed. It’s really a full body massage: from head to toe, including the belly and sides. The facial massage is a special feeling at all, as we are usually used to having this kind of massage done by beauticians.

I highly recommend it to everyone!

Natatalja Jerjomina

For the first time I crossed the threshold of this cosy studio and got into the magic hands of the Creator!

I felt harmony and cosmic weightlessness, which is difficult to describe in words! So, try and know these sensations yourself!

Believe me, relax, and the hands of the MASTER will perform the COSMIC SYMPHONY for you!


Magic massage! The best massage in the world!!! A few days ago I was lucky enough to visit the massage parlor GURU DAS SPA – Vladimir, a man with truly magical hands, with which he took me to the realm of tenderness and bliss! Those one and a half hours of magnificent massage flew by like five minutes, I was very sorry to leave such a beautiful place and, leaving, I had a firm intention to come back here more than once. The beautiful atmosphere, the wonderful, calming music, the calmness that came from Vladimir, encourage me to come back here again!

Yelena Taborska

I think Guru Das doesn’t need any more publicity… But I can’t help but say a few warm words about his Creation.

Words like “marvelous”, “amazing”, “unforgettable”, etc. Yes! Of course! But that doesn’t express the true essence. There’s something deeper here! I would even say: transcendent! If you relax completely, it is almost a meditative process. On the massage table I felt like soft clay, from which a talented sculptor creates something perfect.

Magic, that’s all! For me it was a real gift from above! I will never get tired of thanking you, Master!

Tatyana Nikolaeva

I had a massage with Vladimir yesterday! It’s a delight! His technique is really unique! Very gentle and strong hands. Everything is delicate, the movements are well thought out and act in time with the music, which psychologically creates a sense of logical completion and relaxes with each song even deeper. Vanity goes away. The brain struggles at first, but then gives up and switches off. In some places you fall asleep. And after two hours of massage, strangely enough, you want more.

Vladimir, thank you very much! And see you again in Riga or Moscow.


Whoever has been to a session of Master Vladimir (Guru Das) will remain his fan forever! I am one of many, and I gladly “bow” my back (and other parts of my body) and surrender to the master’s power. Vladimir himself does not need advertising, he has an extensive clientele. But! I cannot keep silent, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and delight! And a great desire to share my impressions with everyone who has not yet been in his hands.

People! Do not lose this unique opportunity! Such masseurs are rare! Throw your tortured bodies on the massage table and dissolve in the streams of care, love and understanding of your body.

This is not only professional massage and unique technical methods. This is music! It is creativity! Every movement is thought out. Each movement is spiritualized. Thanks to his hands, life awakens in the body. The body is renewed and purified. You will breathe and live better! And you will believe that miracles can happen to your body!

With respect to you, Vladimir, and with gratitude! Ludmila (music and vocal teacher).

Svetlana Lukina

Vladimir, thank you very much for your golden hands!

Veronika Razuvayeva

Magic music, magical atmosphere and divine hands took me to some magical world. My imagination drew beautiful pictures, my body gave out incredible emotions: laughter, smiles, tears, goosebumps… I confess that I have never experienced such pleasure from massage…

GURU DAS SPA MASSAGE is an aesthetic orgasm of body and soul! I confess that one of my goals is to rock my body to the state of maximum sensuality, sensitivity, to feel myself a part of the Universe as a single organism, to radiate light and experience various orgasms…

GURU DAS SPA charged my body and soul with some incredible charge of warmth and light. I feel that I am closer to my goal!

Vladimir, you have bewitched me! I am looking forward to our next meetings with special trepidation!

Eliza Petrovska
Eliza Petrovska

I went to many places for massages, but Vladimir is something special!

Some cosmic techniques and excellent knowledge of the body! Very tactful and professional approach!

I’m so glad I went, and I advise you to go too – relaxation is guaranteed!

Anastasia Zakharchuk

This is the best massage at all!

Vladimir is a real master and a guru of his craft! During the massage I felt as if I flew into another world. This is an unrivaled pleasure, which I recommend to everyone!

If you are in Riga, please treat yourself or your loved ones to a massage with Vladimir.

You will not regret it!

Irina Nikolayeva

Wizard and Amazing Master Vladimir!!! And no less magical atmosphere and energy!!!

Thank you so much for the Massage and for such a magical journey! I am still charged with your energy and just glowing!

Svetlana Voronina

Great massage, very relaxing, just what you need to distract yourself from routine affairs, restore your physical and mental strength!

I recommend it to everyone!

Amazing masseur from God! Thank you!

Olga Belkovska

There is a very important point that I was able to get at the massage, it is an individual approach, when the technique and the degree of influence is tailored to you! Thank you very much, Vladimir, for your professionalism!

Yelena Semyonova

Vladimir, with all my heart and body I’m GRATEFUL for your hands!!!

You are a god given masseur!!!

I hope that once again I will get into your hands!!!

And I strongly recommend you to all my friends!!!

Tatyana Sikrataya


I have never had such a wonderful birthday present before. Thank you for your skill, for your magic hands! You are a real!!!!

Not a second of falseness! I have never felt like this! Two days I am in euphoria, joy and comfort! Wonderful well-being, excellent mood and health!

Thank you! Health, patience, kindness to you and your family! When I will be in Riga, I will definitely visit you!

Thank you very much!

Iraina Lucia

Two hours of flight somewhere between heaven and earth! At one moment I saw myself from above, clearly realising that I was in the studio and my body was still present on the massage table!

Ah, those hands, those gliding, continuous movements! I enjoyed these hours and I couldn’t get enough!

Vova, You are a Magician!!!

Words cannot convey the sensations I received.

You have to feel it!

Helena Adamenko

I need to share and need to thank the talented masseur, the man with inexpressible energy and hospitality, the owner of GURU DAS SPA, Vladimir, for a fantastic two-hour massage!

Very talented, very delicate —  as if you were playing a musical instrument…

Thank you very much, Vladimir, for the unique feelings and for the feeling that comes after your “spells”.

In general, these are just words, but in the sense of feeling…


I hope to visit you more often!

Margarita Renouf

The best massage in Riga! Very professional!

Yelena Yakovleva

Super, super, super!

Vladimir, I repeat, you are a magician (I remember what you replied).

To say: a huge wave of emotion, pleasure and inner release of energy – this is nothing to say, it must be felt! I am for the second day in a row in euphoria, high, drive and all the pleasures that can only be thought of!!!! Thank you for such a colleidoscope of presented sensations! Today I began to ask: where I was at all! And by the way, I stopped sitting with a round back, I keep my back flat on automatic, and it became comfortable for me! And today I was fidgeting in front of the mirror this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to note that I’ve shrunk in volume…geez…from the first visit alone!?!?!? (Girls! Take it on board, cool lure!)

Aaaaah… I will come to you again!!!! I liked it very much: your approach to the client and the semi-darkness, in which it is easier to relax and somehow feel more protected, the superb aroma of geranium or pelargonium (of course, I’m wrong, but this smell was very reminiscent), and relaxing music, all thought out for comfort and complete relaxation!

I would like to recommend you to everyone! Raise your butts and give yourself this pleasure! Vladimir, I wish you a stream of clients! Thank you!

Irina Nazarko

Dear Vladimir!

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful and unique massage! It has a beneficial effect not only on the physical body, but also helps to restore the nervous system, equalising the emotional state, and has some elusive effect on the spiritual plane.

Two hours fly by like one marvellous instant. This I can say for sure after five sessions of your extraordinary and magical massage!

All the blessings to you! Health and strength!

There are a lot of us who want to come to you for your exclusive massage, but you are the only one. Take care of yourself!

Marija Zhdana

No words! Only emotions!

I can’t imagine a more miraculous means of relaxation and stress relief!

A pleasant environment, a master with absolutely amazing energy, and of course, wonderful hands! And two hours of massage is not an hour or half an hour. This is really the time for which you can relax and enjoy completely.

I highly recommend it to everyone!

Jelena Irmanne

Touch is perhaps the most subtle vibration that allows a person to meet… with himself! Thank you, Vladimir, for a wonderful massage!

I am a few steps closer to knowing my essence!

Marina Ruhmane

Thank you so much to Master Vladimir for an incredible massage!!! It was an unforgettable sensation!

You have amazing, strong, hot (!!!) and at the same time gentle hands! From the first minutes you could feel the skill and love for your work. It was not just a massage, but some kind of magic! From light relaxing touches to strong warming tapping.

I recommend everyone to come and experience this magic at least once! And I am sure that you will want to come here again and again!

Svetlana Ericsson

I had a very serious experience with your massage! For two hours I listened to my body. The music is a wonderful addition, but the sensations…. At a certain moment you realise that you are dough, warmth spills over you, energy is released, your hands become heavy and tension flows from your fingertips… It disappears irrevocably and no longer weighs down your body… You begin to breathe differently….

I got up from the massage table a different person! I sincerely thank Vladimir for these amazing sensations, for his skill and love for people! Without it he would not be able to create magic! I feel pleasant fatigue, as after a good load in the gym, but the lightness and the feeling of flight remained! Bravo, Master!!!

Aleksandra Sorokina

Guru Das Spa is not only a unique massage, but also a meditation into the depths of oneself and finding a connection with the highest Divine energy! All the rhythms of the Universe pass through Vladimir’s hands into the body, and all the excess, outdated energy leaves and is replaced by new vibrations! At the same time the body is well worked out physically! Harmony between the physical and spiritual.

Tatyana Sukhareva

Back from Paradise!

Right here in Riga. Two hours of simply unreal relaxation, calmness and pure high!

Vladimir is just a miracle Master!

My relatives know that I am demanding, to put it mildly, and that it is extremely difficult to please me, and that I will find faults in everything. They also know that from me to get praise, recommenatsii some place, master, service, almost impossible! And to write a review… and also on my personal page.

But here… Guys, from the heart… at least once in your life you should experience it! This massage is memorable for a long time! The music is selected just perfectly, the atmosphere is just right, they go over every centimetre of the body, and so much so that you get goosebumps!

From time to time it feels like Vladimir is playing with muscles like on a guitar, as you feel every fibre. Neck and face massage is a separate topic.

In short, there were a lot of thoughts, but as soon as I came back to our world, I don’t remember anything that I wanted to write. It’s just worth it! And don’t let the payment scare you. Believe me, it deserves more than what it asks for!

Thank you, Vladimir!

Tamara Utinane

Today the Higher Powers brought me to a meeting with an interesting man, a very talented and in love with his work MASTER of massage, Vladimir…

I want to share my feelings and emotions. I was lying down and it seemed to me that the Master, as a sculptor, was sculpting my new, younger and healthier body. Through his fingers there was LOVE in every movement: love for what he was doing, love for the person, love for God!

He made the Massage like a masterpiece! I had never had such a thing before!

Then it seemed to me as if his hands were dancing with my body, and it became very pliable and twirled in a dance… And also as if my body became a musical instrument and the Master skillfully wielded it…

Vladimir, I am very grateful to you for your talent and for your skill! And for the way you treat the body subtly, carefully and even somewhere reverently! And at the same time very professional and wise!

Tatyana Klyantsevich

Amazing, unreal, magical, healing massage I received at Vladimir Gimburg’s session….

He is Cooler than Cool!!!

It is impossible to be able to give a massage like that, but he does… Boundless gratitude to Him and His Hands, High Talent and Professionalism… Want to feel Paradise on Earth… Go beyond your limits… Feel flexibility and health again… Sea, sea of everything….

Unforgettable and Mega effective!!!

Yana Dolgova

Incredible kindness energy, rare gift of feeling the needs of the body, strong hands. My back is very grateful to the master! I didn’t expect that a spa massage could be so fulfilling!

This massage is deep, strong, restoring both muscles and energy, as if a few pounds are gone, all the cells of my body are singing and glowing with happiness!

Thank you very much!

Natalya Brode

Vladimir, don’t be modest, you are a magician from God! You are the hands of God! You create a miracle with your hands, you fill our chakras with Divine energy and Love, and a person feels reborn, thrown off and forgotten the burden of problems and ailments, light and weightless, happy and inspired! Isn’t it magic?

And having become healthy and happy, we thank You with the energy of Love in the form of kind words of admiration, adoration, and worship)). After all, a Deity should be worshipped, and you are for us like an almighty God who saves us from problems and creaks in the body! Therefore, take care of yourself, be healthy and happy, and we will always be happy with you, we will love, praise and worship you!

Svetlana Pelce

Good afternoon!

Very rarely write any reviews, but here it is impossible not to write.

Everything happens in our life for a reason, and those who get to Vladimir are the happiest people! It can be considered that you are in the right positive Flow and the right direction!

I received indescribable pleasure of soul and body! At the first meeting with Vladimir the feeling is that you have known him all your life! Unusual atmosphere, as if you get into another world: pleasant relaxing music, incredible aromas and magic hands of the master will take you into an unforgettable flight of pleasures. And not only your body will get pleasure, but also your soul.

Spiritual and wise Guru Das gives answers to complex questions regarding faith and being.

Thank you, Vladimir, for your necessary words, for the warmth that they contain, for your soulfulness and wisdom! We all need them so much!

Meeting people like you is a gift from the Universe! And of course, see you soon!

Tatyana Golovenko

Charmed- Bewitched!

What can I say?

Yesterday I visited our Great Master, Vladimir Gimburg, and had his magic massage in GURU DAS SPA.

Friends, it is magic!
Master’s hands are simply golden! Vladimir, a huge THANK YOU for your titanic labour! For our smiles and rested bodies! Mastery is off the scale!

Like a Good Wizard, he makes a statue out of your body. And a figure. Thank you very much, wait for us again (me and my bodies)!

Oh, girls, I recommend to everyone!!! Vladimir is not just a Master, he is a GOD in his professionalism!!!
Yes, exactly so!!!

Remember Renata Litvinova’s phrase from the film “Taiga Romance”???



I brought to him my bones, covered with fat, and flew out from him, younger by 20 years!!!! I recommend it!

Vladimir, a huge THANK YOU!

Liya Heidemanis

These two hours are simply not an earthly pleasure! Vladimir has an incredible, cosmic gift! It is simply unparalleled! Words cannot convey these sensations, feelings, emotions! Only by personally attending this massage, you will be able to feel this incredible pleasure!

Thank you, Vladimir!

Inna Artnika

I am probably a record-breaker in terms of the number of massages I received per unit of time. It so happened that I was in Riga on holiday for three months, and Praise Heaven, God did not forget to please me generously, in a royal way: Vladimir kindly invited me to try his massage.

I wanted to try it at once, without a second thought, whether my intuition told me or a very competent soft advertising move of the Master, that it was this man with his offer in a PM that I wanted to believe and trust completely. Anyway, I had my first massage on the 3rd of August and realised WHAT I had been searching for for years!!!!

I have already written many reviews and read other reviews and I realise that it’s just hard to add something new to all the raves. But, nevertheless, I will try.

Vladimir is a completely unique Personality. UNIQUE! SMART!

He is not just a Master of amazing massage, which helps you relax and improve your well-being, he heals your body and soul, he lifts you to unknown heights of soul-stunning feelings and sensations!

Ironic, light, warm, friendly, positive to the tips of his fingers, on which he carries the love and pleasure of God! That’s how he is!

He has incredible Charisma and Masculine Energy, right and so necessary for a Woman, yes, for a Woman who feels like a Goddess after 120 minutes of full Cosmos! It is inexpressibly magical! This experience must be experienced and you must accept this Gift from God!

This is a Divine Massage!!!

This is the best that God could give us through the magical hands and beautiful soul of Vladimir, Guru Das! Vladimir is His messenger, that’s how I understand and feel it. My understanding of relaxation, pleasure and bliss has changed completely!


But what a massage! From the first to the last minute in an atmosphere of incredible aromas, gentle meditative music and the dance of his Hands opening your Universe of Feelings and Sensations. You cry and laugh, smile and purr, your Universe comes alive, responds and rushes into the flight of Pleasure of being a Woman-Goddess!

So, I have already received 14 massages for 2 months and I am not enough, I want more, because pleasure is not enough, especially in this hard world!

GURU DAS, Vladimir, is a Vaishnav, and this makes him an Exceptional masseur, able to be unattached to earthly and material things, and yet be completely earthly and attractive, with a magnetism that is impossible to resist.

Thank you, my dear, the best of masseurs, the Wizard!

I am madly happy to have met you and to have found the best, my Master!

God has generously given you the ability to create our bodies anew. After all the turmoil of this life with its stresses, many problems that make us stiff, hunchbacked and stooped, one comes to your studio and forgets about everything. There is nothing around but the life-giving magic of your Hands, Master!

After two hours of your massage you just get up and fly away with a completely different being who touched the mystery and magic of magic!

I thank you, Vladimir! You are a heavenly messenger to all of us, tired and downcast. God give you strength in your Service!

And I am glad that I captured almost all of August, I just don’t have much time. And may all those who didn’t get to see you because of me forgive me!

Yelena Belosor

Recently visited this great massage parlour!

To say simply: “I loved it” is not to say anything!

I experienced inexpressible sensations, starting from the first minutes of being in this place! The studio is very cosy, dimmed lights, nice relaxing music, amazing aromas. The whole environment portends some fabulous, exciting anticipation of something incredibly new and mysterious!

And the Massage itself!!!

Well, it is impossible to describe in words! I just flew away to some new, magical country and did not want to return!

Time flew by very quickly, but I and everyone has the opportunity to visit this unforgettable fairy tale again!!!

Natalya Korolenko

Vladimir, I am eternally grateful to you for this cosmic pleasure! Lightness, calmness, love and joy overflow every cell of my body, thanks to your magic and caring hands! I have never felt like this before, I wish everyone to experience it!

Tatiana Dundure

Thank you, Vladimir, for a wonderful massage!

Amazing sensations of relaxation and lightness! You start to feel your body in a new way.

You are a Master from God!

Hands are strong and gentle at the same time, and incredible energy! And also a nice relaxing atmosphere, as if you get into another reality. I am delighted!

Valentina Grigorjeva

Finally!!! A dream come true! I came to you, a master of your craft. A master, a teacher and a connoisseur of his craft! Went to your session, allowing me to enter my body temple. You did it!!! The feeling is unexplainable – bravo to you! I trust and believe in you! Thank you and I want to do a course of your massage with you and hope you will bring me back to myself!!!! Permission to continue travelling with you with your favourite business? Bravo, Vladimir, and a big thank you for what you are and I wish you success in your excellence!


It is very rare to find true professionals, whose promises do not disagree with the result. Healing hands – this is about Vladimir! A real magician! I made a gift to my husband for his birthday, my husband is very pleased. We recommend to everyone to everyone! Thank you very much!

Olga Radomyslenskaya

SUPER full body and face massage by Guru Dasa, Vladimir!

I must say that this is something!

Two hours of complete relaxation, no pain, but you feel how everything in your body falls into place. Amazing atmosphere of peace and complete trust. All the actions and movements of the MASTER are very correct and professional. And at some point I realised that the music playing for relaxation and the MASTER’s sensitive hands are a DANCE: faster, slower, stronger, softer, pause… turn, and… you are completely at the mercy of this action.

Vladimir told me later that this is the case, the music is specially selected to match the massage technique!

And what aromatherapy! And what lightness afterwards! One should pamper oneself sometimes. And choose the best for it!


By the way, this is a great idea for a gift!
And this procedure is completely different from a therapeutic massage.


Tatyana Egorova

Do you believe in magicians?

I didn’t believe in magicians until today, but after meeting Vladimir I realised that this man is a real magician!

The level of my fatigue and stress from a lot of accumulated problems when I came for a massage was just off the scale, my whole body was just begging for mercy, and it seemed impossible to relieve this tension, certainly not with one massage session.

But this man works wonders!

I before and I after are two different people. And here it is not only about Vladimir’s high professionalism and his attitude to what he does, but also about what a bright and positive person he is! His incredible energy is felt from the very first minutes of dialogue!

I sincerely believe that everyone should experience his massage at least once. Therefore, I highly recommend him to absolutely everyone! Two hours of real cosmos are simply guaranteed!

Viana Grishane


A great massage that makes you want to fly! Pleasant atmosphere, very professional massage and surprisingly positive energy!

Believe me, this is the best massage in Riga!

Agnes Rudzite

Probably the best massage in Riga! I highly recommend it!

Olga Gritskevicha

Flying away is when you fly away to another reality!

Thank you for this feeling! You are a true Master!

Svetlana Bessudnova

The atmosphere is fantastic!

Angela Skjønberg


Really enjoyed the massage!

I recommend it!

Yevgenia Borisovna

The massage is divine!

Julia Sherrer


It was very cool!!!

Vladimir is a real expert in his business! 100% high!

Helena Rass


Amazing massage!

Not many people give such a quality massage these days!

Thank you for filling, dissolving and feeling like a Goddess!

Natalya Scheurer


It was inexpressibly beautiful! Two hours of oblivion.

It can’t be described in words. It must be felt!

Eviya Preinberga

An amazing two hours of ABSOLUTE NIRVANA!

Tatjana Liepiņa

Yes, it’s true!

Vladimir is a magician!

And a master with golden hands!

Victoria Prigorodova

Vladimir is an excellent master!

Magic hands, soft energy. The atmosphere in the studio immediately immerses you in relaxation. The massage is gorgeous, original techniques and work with the body.

I received such a massage for the first time in my life! Two hours of massage, including face and décolleté, just took me into space! Thank you and I recommend it!

Now I will regularly visit the GURU DAS SPA studio!

Аlina Voyager
Аlina Voyager


Amazing massage!

Amazing experience! Simply the best! If you are looking for something unique, give it a try! You will not regret it!

Brenda Chen

I had a 120 minute full body and facial massage GURU DAS MASSAGE performed by Vladimir! And it was an amazing experience to say the least…..

During the booking process Vladimir explained everything in great detail. He spoke English, which was helpful for a traveller like me.

The massage was divine!

I have never had such a massage synchronised with music, which made it truly unforgettable. Vladimir is a true professional and extremely skilled at what he does.

I highly recommend him!

Thank You!

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