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About Massage

My Massage is a compilation of various types of well-known massage techniques whose elements interact with the beautiful Ambient music that I have conncted in unbelievable way, resulting in a surprisingly harmonious, two-hour high-quality nourishing VIP procedure that, thanks to a variety of techniques and virtuoso techniques, acts incredibly on the elements of the human body’s basic system: nervous, lymphatic, digestive, circulatory, muscular, bone, immune system – Massage gives the body lightness, freedom and recovery, but to the soul – happiness, peace of mind and balance.

In this way, my Massage no matter to what kind of intensity it is carried out, has long been recommending itself as unique in its conception and presentation as VIP-MASSAGE No.1, regardless of the region where it is practiced!

Currently, I have private practice in Latvia (Riga), and for each of my visitors, regardless of the needs of their bodies and soul, my Massage brings much joy and incredible delight, taking the main place in their hearts in comparison to other massages.

As a proof there are hundreds of pleasures of full Reviews and thousands of customers satisfied with my Massage!

The methodology that I use in my Massage is well-established and with the authority of the world.

Such as:

1) Neurosedative massage
2) Facial massage
3) Cervico Cranial Massage
4) Myointensive massage
5) Lipoferent massage
6) Body hemolymph drainage massage
7) Facial hemolymph drainage massage
8) Thai massage
9) Power massage
10) Body chiromassage
11) Facial chiromassage

For each of these methods, I have an appropriate international standard certificate.

All existing methodologies together which are partly adapted by me, form a unique, effective and magnificent technique of my Massage which I can use in my practice for a whole range of people acting on them with varying intensity, depending on their needs and common goals.

My Massage is a multi-sided and multifunctional, high-level and high-quality care procedure for the body and face which, as a rule, after the words of my visitors, reach the desired result after the first Massage.

My Massage can be as mild, calm, tender and superficial, as powerful, strong and acting on deeper layers, with a pronounced toning effect and a powerful soothing component.

For any level of Massage, the main feature of my Massage is that regardless of your wishes, it will always be the most effective and painless remedy for your body’s recovery and the restoration of your strength and energy.

The Massage provides immeasurable lightness, liveliness, satisfaction and pleasure to the body, happiness, peace and a sense of euphoria for the soul. The unique and long-lasting quality of my Massage does not leave me the choice but to invite you to my studio GURU DAS SPA so you can verify by yourself! Here’s what wise people say: ” To be sure of something, it needs to be experienced!“

See you soon, friends!

Guru Das Brahmachari

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