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Types of massage and how they differ

There are more than 20 types of massages, and it is quite difficult for an ordinary person to choose the necessary procedure. For example, if you want to remove cellulite, you need to decide on what type of anti-cellulite massage you want to attend: manual, vacuum, hardware, or lymphatic drainage. Of course, there are cases when the doctor prescribes a therapeutic massage to restore joints or muscles, but what if you want to just relax and have fun?

Let's see what are the main types of massage and what massage in Riga is offered in the GURU DAS SPA salon.

Types of massage

- Neurosedative facial and body massage

During this technique, smooth sliding movements are performed that contribute to complete relaxation and stress relief. Neurosedative massage also restores microcirculation and reduces the depth of facial wrinkles.

- Structural facial massageмассаж лица

During structural facial massage, light and intense massage movements alternate, which stimulate blood circulation. Such regular procedure resumes skin cells and has a lifting effect, due to which the face becomes toned and “fresh”.

- Reafirming facial massage

The name of this massage comes from the word reafirmir, which means “strengthen, restore.” Reafirming massage has a rejuvenating effect, tightens the oval of the face and stimulates cell regeneration. The massage procedure includes the study of tissues at all levels: neuroreceptor, vascular and muscle.

- Cervical-cranial massage

Such a massage of the neck and head allows to restore blood circulation in the brain, as well as carefully work out the muscles of the neck and shoulder-scapular area.

- Myotensive massage

This technique combines massage and mobilization techniques in order to restore joint mobility and elasticity of muscles and ligaments.

- Myoplastic facial massage

This technique allows to tighten the oval of the face, restore blood circulation and has an anti-aging effect.

- Lipoafferent massage

Lipoefferent massage is a whole complex of movements that include anti-cellulite massage. It contributes to the disappearance of body fat and cellulite in the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

лимфодренажный массаж- Lymphatic drainage facial and body massage

These massage techniques increase immunity, promote aesthetic correction of the body, and rejuvenate the cervical-facial zone. Also, lymphatic drainage massage is considered to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight and relieve swelling. Learn more about lymphatic drainage massage and its contraindications in this article.

- Thai massage

Thai massage technique is similar to yoga asanas. During this massage, intensive kneading or tapping motions are not used. The secret of the technique lies in the methods of massaging, twisting and pressing at specific points. Thai massage includes massage of the feet, head, face, hands and other parts of the body. You can read more about Thai massage here.

- Power massage

This type of massage is designed for thorough and deep study of muscles and subcutaneous fat. Also, power massage is recommended to be done after significant physical exertion to relieve muscle pain. Despite its name, power massage is almost painless.

- Deep-tissue massage

Deep-tissue massage helps to eliminate deformities of tendons, fascia, ligaments and other connective tissues. They undergo a light and painless effect to eliminate overload and relieve pain.

- Body and facial chiromassage

Facial chiromassage and body chiromassage affects not only muscles, but also other body systems: nervous, lymphatic, circulatory, immune and digestive. Thanks to chiromassage, the psychological load is removed and the psycho-emotional state is significantly improved. Find out more about chiromassage in this article.

- Mio-relaxing body massage

This massage in Riga allows to relieve physical and emotional stress, muscle spasm and fatigue. The technique of mio-relaxing massage will help to detoxify the muscles and immerse you in a state of complete relaxation, for which it is also called anti-stress massage.

However, visiting the GURU DAS SPA massage salon, you do not need to choose only one type of massage. The original GURU DAS MASSAGE combines 18 techniques that take the massage experience to a new level. You can read reviews about this massage in the "Reviews" section.

Do not put off your health until later. Visit a professional massage in Riga at the GURU DAS SPA studio. Massage sessions are carried out by appointment by phone: +371 241 12 420.

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