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Massage after training – a necessity or a whim?

After training in the gym, regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner, your muscles receive many loads. Metabolism products start to accumulate in them, microcracks are formed, as well as lactic acid, which causes muscle pain. Premium gyms have their own massage parlor. And this is entirely justified, because the beneficial properties of massage are simply amazing.

What is the use of massage after training?

Full body massage after training (both strength and cardio) improves cell regeneration, blood circulation and promotes the active movement of lymph, which leads to the removal of harmful substances from the body.

  • completely relaxes muscles
  • removes lactic acid from tissues
  • reduces post-workout muscle pain
  • relieves fatigue and stress
  • saturates muscle tissue with oxygen
  • increases mus

массаж после тренировки

Sports massage: types

Sports massage has several varieties. And the most popular of them – power massage and deep tissue massage.

Power massage
This type of massage is designed for thorough and deep study of muscles and subcutaneous fat. Power massage is recommended after significant physical activity to relieve muscle pain. Despite its name, power massage is almost painless.

Deep-tissue massage
Deep-tissue massage helps to eliminate the deformation of tendons, fascia, ligaments and other connective tissues. It has a smooth and painless effect to eliminate overload and relieve pain.


After intense physical exertion, the muscles become as vulnerable and supple as possible. Therefore, it is very important to “catch” the moment when the influence of massage will help them quickly and accurately recover.
It is recommended to carry out sports massage after training within 2-3 hours from the moment of completion of physical activity. But the break before the next workout should be at least 12 hours, so that the muscles have time to come in tone.

Massage is not recommended in cases where during training you have damaged or broken something.
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