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Massage against stress. The effect of massage on the body

In the stream of modern life, stress is becoming an almost everyday event. The heavy workload, moral fatigue, which accumulate like a snowball every day, in the end lead us to “burnout” and the inability to enjoy life. Constant stress causes not only a storm of negative emotions but also has devastating consequences for the body. Stress can be a precursor to serious illnesses, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is extremely important to prevent stress, and a relaxing massage will help.

How does stress affect our health?

Stressful situations, as you know, do not end with anything good. They are accompanied by outbreaks of anger, deterioration in relations with both colleagues and relatives. And besides everything else, stress can also cause poor health with chronic diseases. Very often, due to stress, we can be tormented by headaches, drowsiness, pain in the neck and back, as well as a deterioration in appetite. But in some cases, stress can act the other way around and cause a person to have an excessive craving for food, as well as alcohol.

Stress at work or in a relationship is not something to put up with and patiently wait for it to pass. Stress needs to be worked out and eradicated, and professional massage helps with it.

расслабляющий массаж

Stress treatment with massage

Massage against stress activates the parasympathetic nervous system of the body, which is responsible for its normal functioning. It completely relaxes your body and immerses you in a state of relaxation and satisfaction. A relaxing massage session lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and relieves headaches. Anti-stress massage also produces hormones of endorphin, serotonin, and dopamine, which help improve your general condition, and also make you feel happy and at peace.

Thus, a relaxing massage is one of the most effective ways to combat stress. But here it is very important to choose the right master.

Classical back massage or therapeutic massage will not give you the desired result of relaxation, because they affect only certain areas of the body. While a relaxing anti-stress massage works out your entire body: from the feet to the head and fingertips.

Massage against stress should be performed only by a professional, as numerous reviews about his work can talk about. Therefore, before contacting a massage therapist, make sure that this master can fully satisfy your needs and bring the desired result

You can feel the ease and tranquility, as well as relieve all signs of stress, with a two-hour massage session at the GURU DAS SPA massage parlor. Sign up for a massage, as well as find out all the details of the technique of complete relaxation on our website.

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