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Massage for herniated disc: can it be done?

A hernia, or herniated disc, is a fairly common disease that can manifest itself both at an early and mature age. It occurs as a result of the displacement of the nucleus of the intervertebral disc, which, due to high pressure, tears the surrounding membrane and goes out. To remedy this situation, there are two methods of treatment: surgical (operation) or manual (hernia massage).

Is it possible to massage with a spine hernia?

 можно ли делать массаж при грыже позвоночникаIf you have an intervertebral hernia, then you don't necessary have to go under a surgical knife. The therapeutic massage will also help to correct the situation, but only at the moment when the stage of the disease passes from “acute” to “restorative”. Rehabilitation of the body with massage is easy and painless, but at first you may feel slight discomfort. It is noteworthy that a hernia can manifest itself anywhere — both in the cervical and lumbar spine. Therefore, massage is practically the only safe alternative to traditional hernia treatment.

Spinal hernia massage benefits

Massage helps to significantly reduce pain, relieve tension and relax your back muscles. In addition, it also has the following positive effects:

  • restores mobility of the spine and flexibility of the back;
  • improves blood circulation and muscle tone;
  • reduces pressure on intervertebral discs;
  • eliminates spasms and stiffness.

After the massage, the endorphin level rises in a person, which, in turn, leads to an uplifting mood and an accelerated recovery. After all, not only the physical, but also the emotional component is important for the body.

Massage technique for spine hernia

When massaging a hernia, the specialist does not work on the hernia itself, but on the area around it, which helps to relax the adjacent intervertebral discs. Particular attention is paid to the limbs during the procedure, since the hernia affects their mobility. Don't worry about getting hurt during the session. For hernia massage, only gentle techniques are used: stroking, rubbing, light pressure and kneading.

All massage movements are performed from the bottom up along the lymph flow, paying special attention to the areas near the painful area.

You can notice the effect immediately after the first session, but for a complete treatment you need to go through a set of procedures.

Massage for lumbar hernia of the spine is recommended to be done only after a doctor's appointment and coordination of the technique, so as not to aggravate the situation.

Contraindications for massage with herniated vertebrae:

Despite the fact that this procedure has a positive effect on the recovery of herniated vertebrae, there are also contraindications to its use.
Massage is not recommended if you have:

  • severe pain that can only be reduced with the help of drug treatment;
  • acute heart failure;
  • the presence of skin and infectious diseases;
  • hyperthermia;
  • malignant tumors.

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