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Foot massage. What do you need to know?

массаж ногEach part of our body is amazing by nature and has its own unique abilities. In particular, this also applies to the feet. Since ancient times, the sages found the key to human health and it was hiding in our legs. An ancient oriental treatise states: “All people have legs, just like all trees have a root. The depletion of a tree begins with the root, and the aging of a person begins with the feet”. Therefore, in order to always maintain your health in good shape, it is necessary first of all to pay special attention to your legs and feet, visiting foot massage.

What is useful foot massage?

It is no secret that there are many reflex points on our foot, each of which is responsible for a specific organ and part of the body. Correctly acting on the necessary point, we can significantly improve back health, lose headaches, cramps, stress and even insomnia. Foot massage has a beneficial effect on the whole body as a whole, and, in particular, on the cardiovascular system.

In addition, foot massage is one of the most pleasant procedures that gives an unforgettable experience and complete relaxation.

How to do foot massage correctly?

Most often, leg and foot massage are done in the evening, so that the legs rest after a hard working day. It is performed with the help of the phalanges of the fingers, pressing on certain points and stretching the surface of the foot. It is also important that the massage therapist knows the foot map well in order to avoid getting at random. After all, as we remember, each point on our foot is responsible for a certain internal organ, therefore the most important rule here is do no harm.

массажные точки

The movements during the massage should be smooth and gentle, while pressing should be strong, but not cause discomfort, because it is inherently a relaxing massage.

The foot massage does not take so much time, but the effect is tremendous. And if you have not visited the services of foot massage, then be sure to try this wonderful procedure. The result will not be long in coming, and your legs and feet will say a huge “Thank you”.

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