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Technique of massage of the neck-collar zone and what the benefits of it

How often do you sit at the computer, drive a car, or look at the phone? For about 9 hours a day, a person holds his head in a bent position, and all this time the cervical spine remains immobile. As a result, you feel heaviness, tension, cramps, and discomfort in the neck and collar area. All this can lead not only to the deposition of salts, the appearance of a crooked posture, headache, and numbness of the arms and shoulders but even to ischemic stroke, as due to thrombosis of blood vessels the brain will not receive nutrients.

To avoid these unpleasant consequences, you need to regularly massage the neck and collar area. And for greater efficiency, you can also involve a shoulder and head massage.

The benefits of neck and collar massage

neck massageMassage of the cervical spine and shoulder area helps to relax the neck muscles and relieve tension. It significantly improves the work of the nervous and circulatory systems, accelerates the outflow of lymph, thereby reducing the risk of disease.

Massage of the collar area gives you a feeling of lightness, relieving muscle spasm caused by stiffness and overexertion. This procedure is necessary for everyone who sits a lot and leads a sedentary lifestyle. Even if you do not feel pain yet, but feel that the so-called "bison’s hump" (or "widow's hump") begins to grow in the area of ​​the seventh vertebra, it is better to sign up for a preventive procedure. A relaxing neck massage will help remove salt deposits and eliminate accumulated fat in the spine to ensure that the brain is saturated with oxygen in sufficient quantities.

Also, a massage of the cervical spine will help you get rid of swelling on the face, as along with the outflow of lymph excess fluid will go too, due to which the face will immediately become fresh and acquire a beautiful shape.

Neck massage will also be useful in combating headaches if they are caused by cervical osteochondrosis. Read more about massage for osteochondrosis here.

Neck and collar massage technique

Many people wonder how to properly massage the neck and collar area. The most important thing in its implementation is intensity. Initially, the required area of ​​the shoulders and neck is warmed with stroking movements to cause a rush of blood. Then, already with a higher intensity, the specialist applies stroking and kneading massage movements, as well as rubs the tissues, which further leads to muscle relaxation and posture correction. During the procedure, special attention is paid to the trapezius muscle and the area of ​​the seventh vertebra, as well as those areas where muscle spasms are most noticeable.

Vibrating and pressing point movements are then used to have a profound effect on the muscles and blood vessels, enhancing lymph movements.

Finally, the massage therapist uses soothing strokes, which completely relax the muscles and give a pleasant sensation.

How long does a neck and collar massage last and how often should it be done?

The duration of the neck and collar massage is about 20-30 minutes. If you also include a head and hand massage, the time of the procedure will increase to an hour.

To achieve good results, the procedure should consist of 10-12 sessions. According to the frequency of visits, 2-3 sessions per week will be enough.

What is included in the massage?

When massaging the neck and collar region, the specialist affects such areas as the shoulders, neck, trapezius muscles, arms, and also massages the head. This full-fledged approach allows you to better relax the body and gives a feeling of comfort and lightness.


  • acute stroke;
  • high blood pressure;
  • infectious diseases;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • oncology.

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