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Manual therapy in Riga. Why is manual massage useful

Manual therapy is one of the most effective methods of treating the spine and joints since ancient times. Its action is aimed at eliminating the painful sensations in the body that are caused by blocks and clamps in the spine, joints, nerves, ligaments and muscles.

In 1990, this procedure was recognized as official and began to be used for medical purposes, because until that time manual therapy of the spine was considered a means of traditional medicine.

The term “manual therapy” comes from the Latin word manus, which means a hand, and also therapy — treatment, that is, translating literally, manual therapy can be deciphered as treatment with hands. This procedure is performed by a trained specialist (chiropractor) with the help of hands only.

Manual therapy is based on ancient Eastern techniques that not only affected parts of the body but also had a positive effect on internal organs. The ancient Chinese were convinced that the effect of eliminating pain and healing was achieved due to the fact that manual massage restored the energy balance in the whole body.

How do clamps and painful sensations occur?

мануальный массажIt is our spine that becomes the most main source of all ills. As soon as only one vertebra is displaced, the entire vertebral section begins to rebuild. Sometimes these rearrangements are vital, but in most cases, they can lead to serious illness and severe pain.

Noteworthy is the fact that each vertebra is responsible for a specific part of our body. For example, if a migraine bothers you, then this may be due to a displacement of 1-2 or 6-7 vertebrae, shortness of breath and heart problems — then you need to look for problems in the thoracic spine.

The way to these changes can be a sedentary lifestyle, strong loads on the spine (weight lifting, etc.), as well as sports injuries.
When the biomechanics of the spine is disturbed, it begins to significantly reduce its effectiveness. Overloads begin to appear, nerves and blood vessels are pinched. From nerve infringement, severe pain begins to appear, and from pinching of blood vessels - deterioration of blood circulation in the body and internal organs.

Manual massage of the spine: Benefits

Manual massage can help you restore the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system, as well as get rid of painful sensations. In addition, manual massage in Riga also:

  • restores the correct position of internal organs
  • improves blood circulation
  • stabilizes joint mobility
  • relieves fatigue
  • increases muscle tone
  • stimulates metabolic processes

It also treats diseases such as arthrosis, osteochondrosis, sciatica, migraine, shoulder periarthritis, sciatic neuralgia and others.
To fully complete the recovery course, you will need an average of 8-10 massage sessions.

How does manual therapy of the spine occur

мануальный терапевтAs mentioned above, manual therapy of the spine is performed only with the help of hands by a specially trained professional. A chiropractor in Riga uses both soft manipulation techniques, power techniques (in rare cases), and twisting and “pulling” movements.

Due to this, the effect of “pleasant pain” and facilitating sensations is created. During a manual therapy session, you can hear your joints and intervertebral discs crackling. Do not be afraid of these sounds and sensations, because this means that all your joints fall into place and then you will feel only a feeling of lightness and relaxation.




Indications for manual therapy

If you are concerned about back pain, muscle cramps, discomfort in the cervical-collar zone and other parts of the spine, protrusion and other symptoms or diseases mentioned above, then you need to contact a chiropractor. Manual therapy is also recommended for people with a sedentary lifestyle to prevent the occurrence of pathologies.

Massage at the GURU DAS SPA

Thanks to a unique proprietary methodology based on 17 internationally recognized techniques, including manual massage techniques, massage in Riga at the GURU DAS SPA salon has a beneficial effect on the whole body. An individual approach will provide you with the necessary massage intensity and give you new pleasant sensations. You can find out the prices for massage, as well as the whole range of services in the section “Services and Prices”.

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