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Abdominal massage for weight loss

массаж живота для похуденияOne of the most problematic areas in both women and men is the abdomen. Unfortunately, most body fat is deposited right here, and getting rid of them is not so simple. This requires an integrated approach of physical activity, proper nutrition, as well as what many forget about – abdominal massage for weight loss.

Abdominal Massage: Benefits

The procedure of abdominal massage helps to quickly lose excess centimeters at the waist and remove the sides. After the first procedures, you can see how your skin noticeably improves and tightens. In addition, abdominal massage for weight loss accelerates the metabolism and normalizes the intestines. Therefore, it is also prescribed to improve digestion.

An undoubted plus will be the fact that abdominal massage will help prevent even stretch marks. So it is extremely important to attend this procedure if you decide to seriously take up weight loss and lose a few extra pounds.

But it is worth remembering that the massage itself is not a magic pill that works instantly. Like any procedure, abdominal massage is carried out comprehensively, not forgetting about sports and proper nutrition. For best results, you need to go through about 8-10 sessions.

Types of abdominal massage

висцеральный массажVisceral massage

This type of massage improves the digestive tract, as well as blood circulation. Most often, it is prescribed not for weight loss, but for the complex treatment of diseases of internal organs. Visceral massage helps people who have problems with the gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys and liver. The technique of visceral massage is significantly different from other types of massage of the abdomen. The massage therapist directly affects the internal organ, deeply, but at the same time gently pressing on the area that brings discomfort, with a palm or a fist, gradually changing the angle of exposure. The main task of the massage therapist is to activate the process of self-healing of the internal organ.

Vacuum abdominal massage

For this massage, special silicone or rubber cups are used that create a vacuum. Such a vacuum abdominal massage removes local fat deposits, and also reduces stretch marks and scars. This procedure is quite painful and cannot be carried out if you have problems with blood vessels. Vacuum abdominal massage is carried out for 15-20 minutes. The abdomen and sides should be lubricated with massage oil and then, squeezing the cup, put it on the problem area of ​​the body so that the skin is pulled 1-2 cm inward. After this, the massage cups must be alternately moved, without lingering for a long time in one place.

IMPORTANT! Silicone cups can not be installed in the center of the abdomen, and the distance between them should be at least the length of the palm.

медовый массаж животаHoney abdominal massage

For this type of massage, natural honey is used along with essential oils. The massage therapist evenly distributes the honey mixture in the abdominal zone and stimulates blood flow acceleration with light patting movements. Massage with honey “breaks down” subcutaneous fat deposits and removes toxins from the body.

Anti-cellulite abdominal massage

The most common type of massage is a manual anti-cellulite abdominal massage. It significantly improves skin tone, reduces the waist, the amount of subcutaneous fat and the visibility of the “orange peel”. Also, if you want to quickly get rid of cellulite on the hips, pay attention to anti-cellulite massage.

The advantage of the abdominal massage at the GURU DAS SPA® salon is that you get a whole complex procedure, which in addition to the abdominal massage also includes leg and foot massage. This unique technique will help you quickly tone the muscles, creating a beautiful silhouette and proportional figure.

Sign up for a massage in Riga at the GURU DAS SPA® salon and be healthy.

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