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Massage for pregnant women: can it be done and what is the use?

Pregnancy is one of the most critical periods in the life of every woman. But after the quivering feelings and the expectation of the baby, a number of changes take place in the woman’s body that negatively affect her health.

Often, a woman’s companions during pregnancy are stretch marks, swelling, varicose veins, heaviness in the legs, as well as pain in the joints and back.

To facilitate the course of pregnancy and feel comfortable in this difficult life period, future mothers attend preparatory courses or sign up for a massage for pregnant women. But is it possible to massage pregnant women and will it harm the child?

Massage during pregnancy

No matter how many myths exist around a massage for pregnant women, still it remains not only useful, but also a necessary procedure for future mothers. Many women refuse to attend a massage during pregnancy because they are afraid that the master would harm the baby. But if you turn to a true professional, then you have nothing to worry about.

During massage for pregnant women, the master does not perform tapping and clapping movements. The massage session is carried out in a relaxed atmosphere using soft techniques that will help your body to completely relax.

Each term has its own massage techniques. If, for example, in the first trimester it is better to abandon the impact on the lumbar zone, then in the last trimester this becomes practically a necessity.
Back massage during pregnancy, as well as foot massage can be done at any time because they help to relax and relieve pain.

массаж во время беременности

The benefits of massage during pregnancy

It is worth noting that lumbar massage for pregnant women not only reduces back pain but also has a number of other useful properties.

The massage procedure significantly reduces the risk of stretch marks, as blood circulation improves. And as you know, due to the good blood circulation in the body, the skin becomes more elastic, which allows it to maintain its youth throughout the pregnancy. Especially massage is relevant for pregnant women who continue to work, because behind career achievements are huge stress. But even one massage procedure for pregnant women will help you relax, improve sleep and relieve stress. A regular procedure will also help you fight varicose veins and its symptoms.

Before signing up for a massage for pregnant women, be sure to consult your gynecologist, as there may be restrictions on the state of your health.
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