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Relaxing massage

relaxing massageHow often do you really relax and attend a relaxing massage session? Spending time for yourself and your health is a real luxury in the modern world. We are all in a hurry somewhere, we are busy with tasks, important meetings and work. And behind all this everyday bustle is tiredness, lack of sleep, stress, insomnia, headaches and other consequences.

It is advisable to stop them at the root, and not wait till the last moment when it becomes simply unbearable to endure it further. And in order not to reach such a state, regularly attend a relaxing massage and find activities that are pleasant to you and your body.

Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage procedure relaxes and restores every cell of your body. In addition to the physical component, this type of massage also relieves psychological stress and calms the nervous system.

The essence of the procedure is a targeted effect on muscle nodes, stress points, as well as reflexogenic zones. During the massage, the production of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins - hormones of "happiness" is also stimulated.

Essential attribute of this massage are aromatic oils. They help to achieve deeper relaxation in a short period of time and enhance the relaxing effect. After all, we all know how strongly odors affect our condition and susceptibility.

Massage for the whole body

relaxing massageAnother interesting fact is that when a person is in constant stress, then his muscles cannot relax even during sleep. And on this basis chronic fatigue and insomnia develop. A relaxing back massage will help get rid of this condition, helping your body recover its resources.

If you feel heavy legs, pain and discomfort, then you should pay attention to a relaxing massage of the legs and feet. On the feet there are many reflecting points that are responsible for the entire body and internal organs. Therefore, sometimes even point massage of the feet can completely “reset” you.

In case of headaches, as well as clamps in the neck-shoulder region, the massage therapist performs a relaxing neck massage. In general, to achieve the best result, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive anti-stress massage procedure.


Like any other procedure, relaxing massage also has contraindications, among which are:
• acute infectious diseases;
• inflammatory processes in the body;
• pregnancy (in this case, it is worth doing massage for pregnant women);
• osteomyelitis;
• thrombosis;
• cancers.

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